Bolar roast in oven help please

chrisbarton, Apr 24, 2:01am
Hi, new here. Want to roast a bolar cut beef that hubby bought, can someone give me a temp and time recipe? Don't fancy doing it in a crockpot and probably don't have time now anyway. Like my meat to be pink but not bloody in middle. Thanks

cookessentials, Apr 24, 2:02am
Slow roasting for this type of meat at around 160C

cookessentials, Apr 24, 2:03am
Here is a link to give you some good info

chrisbarton, Apr 24, 2:07am
brilliant thanks

fisher, Apr 24, 3:55am
Once seared and rather than using a rack, use a bed of sliced onions and rosemary sprigs fresh from the garden. . now pour a good dollop of red wine over the top and then salt and ground black pepper... when your roast is done (70 degrees internal temp) and resting on the bench, loosely covered in foil... make a gravy by removing the rosemary sprigs, adding a tbsp of flour and cooking out over the stove top element adding a little more red wine if/as required and stirring. . now use a hand blender to blitz up all the juices, onions to make a thick gravy. . taste it. . re-season and remix if required. . into your finest china gravy boat lol:} and serve after slicing the rested beef. . enjoy your meal... .

chrisbarton, Apr 24, 4:48am
YUM! ! ! thanks Fisher

chrisbarton, Apr 24, 10:13pm
OK I followed the recipe above (sort of) and it was awesome. 1kg bolar, put mix oil s and p red wine rosemary all over and seared. cooked on bed of onions and rosemary for 1 hr at 170. Rested and made gravy taking rosemary out adding red wine and water and flour. Result onion gravy that was divine. First gravy I ahve ever made in my life! ! ! ! Meat was med rare/rare. Another 10 mins I'd say for perfection

rozke, Apr 24, 10:19pm
With any type of beef roast l stuff with herb stuffing smear tinfoil with butter wrap and put in oven ona low temperature. Melt in your mouth

fisher, Apr 25, 1:24am
Chris, cheers for the feedback... here's what I actually do. . In a frypan, sear the roast with a little olive oil... NOW add to the roasting dish on bed of onions and rosemary sprigs. . pour over the red wine, salt and ground black pepper and some fine chopped rosemary. . if you wish, you can make some holes with a sharp knife and press in some garlic slivers. .
Preheated oven to 220c... and let sizzle for 5 mins, turn, 5 mins more and turn once again, 5 mins and then down to your 170c for 1 hour. . Sounds like you have the gravy "off pat" so do they same ...
You'll end up with a much crispy outter and just a nice pink inside. .
Grab yaself a cheapo thermometer from the 2 buck shop and the temp you want is 70-71 for the med pink sensation... .

fisher, Mar 1, 5:09pm
Something different you may want to try next time. .
Sliver 3 cloves of garlic and using a small sharp knife make incisions into the beef and place in slivers of garlic.
Brush olive oil over meat. . Mix 50ml of cream. . 2 tbsp of wholegrain mustard and 1 tbsp of Hot English mustard together.
You can replace the Hot mustard with Horseradish if you wish for a change... Place meat fat side up in a roasting dish...
Rub/pour/brush the thickened cream mixture all over the meatGrind lots FRESH black pepper over the top and sprinkle with garlic salt. . This is great if it can be prepared and left to marinate in the fridge for a few hours or overnight , then placed in the roasting dish uncovered. I put some finely chopped rosemary all over the top and rosemary sprigs under the roast... Cook at 220 as above and then down to 170 for a tasty crunchy outer and pink insides. . Now you know the equation for YOUR OVEN and that is it needs 70 mins for a ikg roast. . you can adjust cooking times accordingly for weight of roast, a little more if a little heavier...
Gravy... just buy some light Bisto. also add a little flour and water and "cook out" stirring well on the stove top. . TASTE IT before serving. . ! ! add a little salt and/or pepper if you feel it needs it...

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