Finger foods

orange3, Apr 23, 9:00pm
Im wanting to make a savoury platter of nibbles for a party, just want something easy to make and eat.

worldlee, Apr 23, 11:11pm
If you have the Edmonds cookbook (is there anyone who hasn't got it? ) there are several party foods available.

indy95, Apr 24, 12:08am
Orange3, if you use the search box on the left of your screen and type in either " nibbles " or " finger food " as the keyword and choose anytime in the date posted box you will find many options to choose from.

elliehen, Apr 24, 12:14am
Take the advice of indy95 - there are dozens of threads. Below is just one of many. asp
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chris313, Apr 24, 10:04pm
I made these yesterday to go with pre dinner drinks, and they went down really well - mini yorkshire puddings made in the tiniest muffin pan. Let them cool and then fill with a mixture of sour cream and horseradish sauce (to taste). Top with fine strips of rare fillet steak and garnish with a bit of parsley. My take on roast beef and yorkshire pudding. They were so popular that I didn't get one! !

cookessentials, Apr 25, 7:46pm
We did have a great thread for parties and gatherings etc. I have a couple of good ideas that I will ost if you would like me to

orange3, May 1, 10:09pm
Thanks for that im not sure what ost means though

natalie9, Mar 22, 10:03pm
easy and yummy cheeseball - everyone will be asking for the recipe.
Pot of cream cheese
sundried tomatoes
dried apricots
spring onions
chopped nuts
Put all in blender (except nuts) until mixed and finely chopped. Put mixture onto gladwrap and roll into log. Then roll in chopped nuts. Serve with celery sticks and crackers (or whatever)

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