Quick finger foods please

greenforde, Jun 17, 12:45am
easily made! ! ! !

natalie9, Jun 17, 1:09am
Small pieces of sliced baguette/brown bread with cream cheese, smoked salmon, dill and lemon juice

bunnyclan, Jun 17, 5:37am
Devilled eggs, Guacamole, Bruschette, baked chicken nibbles

buzzy110, Jun 17, 6:08am
Carrot sticks. Cold meats, rolled. Gherkins. Pickled onions. Cheese and crackers. Grapes. Cooked breakfast sausages and a dipping sauce (relish, chutney, ketchup). Potato chips.

rss9, Aug 14, 7:50am
Quick and easy... ... Asparagus rolls done with cream cheese on whatever choice breads. Cut off crusts and roll... . yum
Leave long or cut in half to go further! Always go down well...