Rice cooker?

tickandnans, Nov 15, 3:53am
how much water do i add to rice!

sarahb5, Nov 15, 4:13am
I use the quantities it says on the rice bag for the absorption method - seems to work

nickyd, Nov 15, 4:14am
Ours is the same quantity as the rice -+ a wee bit more for softer rice.

tickandnans, Nov 15, 4:30am
cool thanks guys

nik12, Nov 15, 11:09am
I don't have a rice cooker, but both pot and my tupperware microwave one is twice as much water as rice.

toadfish, Nov 15, 6:01pm
Does it have markings up the side!
My book says for White rice - 2 measuring cups and fill water to the 2 line, 3 to the 3. and so on.
For brown rice - 2 cups fill to the 3, 3 cups to the 4 and so on.
Just remember the measuring cup that comes with it is not a metric cup. more like 3/4's of a cup.

carlosjackal, Nov 15, 7:58pm
We have had 2 rice cookers but still prefer to use the hob/stove for cooking rice.

meathead_timaru, Nov 16, 2:10am
Water line 20mm above the level of the rice. Less if you want the rice firmer.

duckmoon, Nov 16, 2:51am
One cup rice to one and a quarter cup water for mine

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