How long does fondant icing last?

lyng1, Oct 21, 2:21am
I want to make a set of "8 Ball" cupcakes for my husband's 60th. If I make the icing for each number, can they keep for a while so I can make the cupcakes the day before the party!
Any tips would be gratefully received.

ribzuba, Oct 21, 3:46am
as long as kept in a dry cool place, not fridge they will last for ages

chicco2, Oct 21, 4:11am
Keep away from light and moisture and pre fondant pieces will keep for 12 or more months. Place them in an ice cream container with some of that silica gel absorbent crystals that come in tablet bottles. Put the lid on the container and store it in your pantry. Make sure the pieces are completely dry first., Oct 23, 10:12pm
Lasts forever.I've got some under the stairs (which is cool in our place), both fondant and marshmallow fondant.Grease it, wrap in gladwrap twice, put in ziplock bag with air excluded, sling it onto shelf.