Vegetables that should be banned

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ddd10, Apr 19, 10:49am
brussel sprouts

yucky every time!

setev, Apr 19, 10:50am
broad beans, brussel sprouts, tinned asparagus (aka slime)

dezzie, Apr 19, 10:53am
cooked celery, its only good raw! ! !

lilyfield, Apr 19, 11:01am
send them all my way--yummy

tlkin, Apr 19, 11:17am
cook brussel sprouts and wizz them with cream. Soooo yummy! They look really pretty too - bright green! Parsnips cooked with carrots then mashed with butter and pepper. yummy too. Broad beens are yummy anyway!

tlkin, Apr 19, 11:19am
there is no good thing to be done with cooked celery - it is yuk. Unless it is wizzed in with the soup or something.

aktow, Apr 19, 3:19pm
peas, carrots, beans, cauli. broccoli. cabbage, pumpkin, brussel sprouts courgettes, marrow, parsnips, all frozen veg, kumera.

fishb8, Apr 19, 3:42pm
No bad veges.

purplegoanna, Apr 19, 9:50pm

buzzy110, Apr 19, 9:57pm
Snap. I'd just die without my daily dose. I'm addicted to them all, except maybe chokos and I can even eat those if cooked right.

So not coming on any protest march with the you other pimplies.

buzzy110, Apr 19, 9:59pm
However, if you want to protest about tea (that awful drinking stuff) then I'm your man. I'll be there with bells on.

02shawn, Apr 19, 10:06pm
love veges

i hate tea too buzzy, yick.

fruitluva2, Apr 19, 10:11pm
Onions is about all i don't like.

aktow send all your veggies this way, yum.

Why are so many not keen on their veggies? did your parents not fuss over them to make veggies appealing and edible?

stevee6, Apr 19, 10:13pm
You're kidding! ! ! Has nobody ever cooked or served any of these properly for you? How sad is that! I can understand not liking one or two veges, but this is ridiculous(not you ridiculous, just the large number of veges disliked).

valentino, Apr 19, 10:37pm
Any vegetables that are not fresh should be banned... . .

One must have fresh veges, just like fresh fruit etc etc... . .

Even fresh veges are frozen.


twinsforus, Apr 19, 10:41pm
Good lord... what do you eat? ? ?
Celery is my only vege that should be banned... . . can't do it, raw or cooked.

cookessentials, Apr 19, 10:42pm
roast prsnips-YUM and I LOVE brussel sprouts. Also love asparagus, either tinned or fresh as mashed swede with plenty of salt and pepper and butter.

annie48, Apr 19, 10:46pm
Parsnips:Cut carrots and parsnips lengthwise. Fry in olive oil. When cooked, add runny honey, then some red wine vinegar. YUM

gavin166, Apr 20, 12:50am
Can even do a bit of marrow, if smotheres in cheese, herbs and breadcrumbs!

indy95, Apr 20, 12:52am
March up Queen St over parsnips and brussels sprouts ? Never ! But if you ever stage a protest concerning swedes and cooked celery I would be willing to consider it.

holdenss, Apr 20, 3:30am
OUH Aspara! ! ! got me fork in a can right now actually mmmmmmm slivery! , I could suck that slimey goodness through a straw!

holdenss, Apr 20, 3:33am
Put me down for Pickles! eerrrrr hurl! Its the only reason why the other half of Mc Donalds eaters arent Fat!

brish, Apr 20, 3:37am
I shall protest against the protest. I love parsnip, brussell sprouts, broad beans, carrots, pumpkin, celery, in fact just about all vegetables. I can't do without my veges.

catlover28, Apr 20, 5:15am
Zuchinies, brussels sprouts, silverbeet, red cabbage, butter beans, swedes

vintagekitty, Apr 20, 5:18am
broad beans, brussel sprouts, is about it, and not keen on cooked cabbage