Nasty vegetables my mother made me eat!

psy-trading, Sep 13, 2:29pm
White turnips and chokos. If I and my siblings didn't eat them at dinner time, we faced them at breakfast. These items should never have entered the human being food chain - they're both only fit to be pig fodder, for sure.

gayle6, Sep 13, 2:39pm
Swede followed by leeks... We had to sit at the table until our plates were empty - I used to try and slip food into a hanky and then flush down the toilet! I also hated rice pudding and tripe (not served on the same plate!).

willman, Sep 13, 7:59pm
Corn on the cob,was made to eat before I left the table.Still can't stand them.

tailz1, Sep 13, 8:29pm
Silverbeet that hadn't been washed properly...always had extra "protein" in it.

darlingmole, Sep 13, 8:30pm
Peas but lukily my cat (under the table) loved them~!:-p
As a parent I only ask that the kids try the vegetables they dislike from time to time to see if they've changed their minds but realise there are many different things they can eat instead.
Oh~! and polonies/savaloys ... YUK!

..pip.., Sep 13, 8:52pm
Overcooked cabbage!!

It took me till I was well into my 20's to finally appreciate this lovely veg (when cooked properly!)

dorothy_vdh, Sep 13, 8:57pm
leeks in white sauce,brussel sprouts and broad beans still can eat any of them but I do cook them for my husband

momma1, Sep 13, 10:07pm
kohl rabi, boiled cabbage, brussel sprouts and cauli boiled to mush

lizab, Sep 13, 11:04pm
calabrese (from the brocolli family) freshly cut from the vege garden we inherited when we moved house! My mum used to cook all vegetables to hell!!!! To be honest, I don't think she really cared as my dad hated cooked veg (wonder why!! lol) Her salad's were horrible too - they consisted of a couple of leaves of lettuce, a few slices of cucumber and a tomato and NO dressing whatsoever was ever offered!!! But I LOVE all vegetables, now I know how they should be cooked and salads are so much nicer in my house :)

svx1, Sep 14, 2:32am
ME Too... my mother made me eat leeks in white sauce and I would just throw up.... and still cant stand the smell and the sheer site of them makes me lol Other wise my mum is a great cook she made wholemeal bread everyday for us when we moved to Aussie I was the only kid at school who had them so I think I was very fortunate to have a mum that cared about wholesome things back wasnt the norn at all.

lythande1, Sep 14, 3:15am
I think often, with perhaps one or two exceptions, that it is the way they were cooked more than the actual vege. And being cooked at all - my son loved raw things but quite a few he didn't like cooked. So he had raw.........

loren8, Sep 14, 3:28am
ewww Leeks in white sauce, I feel sick just thinking about how horrible that was, even worse when there was leftovers in the fridge

southerngurl, Sep 14, 8:12am
white turnips, and brussel sprouts.. the smell of them boiling still makes me vomit... oh i dont feel so well

nzmu, Sep 14, 11:10am
mashed carrots and parsnip - can't stand the smell of parsnip without feeling ill. Carrots I can put up with - just.

red2, Sep 14, 10:05pm
The teaspoon full of warm cod liver oil that was saved for AFTER dinner - blerk ...

dezzie, Sep 15, 12:39am
lol, I'm with the mothers way of cooking leeks in white sauce, but then a friend had them one night when we went for dinner...sauted gently in a pan with bacon, then thickened with just enough milk to make it into a sauce.
I buy them now done that way they are lovely.

robyn1313, Sep 15, 2:04am
Me too! It makes me feel queasy just thinking about it!

samsara11, Sep 15, 3:39am
Swede!I hated them then and I hate them now.It is the only food that I will not eat

nzhel, Sep 16, 1:16am
Yes swede - yuck! Also broad beans, brussel sprouts and silverbeet which is hidous once left to get cold because I hated eating it!

darlingmole, Mar 22, 12:01pm
white sauce with ANYthing is yuck - fortunately mum served ours with cheese sauce and it was always in our bacon hock'n'vege soup