niclee, Jul 21, 12:48am
Hi have few left over roast vegetables and recently had a nice pie/quiche at a cafe with ;pumpkin etc in....would any one no a recipe I could use...Many thanks

paghan, Jul 21, 12:59am
I line a dish with pastry, them make a egg mix, 3 eggs to 300mls of cream is what I use, I chopped up the veges, add brocilli, onion and what ever else I have handy, top with cheese and bake.:)

elliehen, Jul 21, 1:23am
Roast vegetables taste great in a frittata too.Just start them off to brown in a little butter in a frypan (maybe add a finely chopped onion) and then pour in 3 or 4 eggs whisked with about 6 Tablespoons water. Cook gently like an omelette & add pepper and salt.

Quick and easy :)

lyl_guy, Jul 21, 1:42am
That's how I'd cook them... and when the egg is almost set, sprinkle with cheese (I use parmesan) and brown the whole thing under the grill.

kiwiactrss, Jul 21, 3:45am
do exactly the same as the last two but also add in meat from the roast (if any left over) - Therefore if it was a roast pork meal I add in the pork and then serve the whole thing with apple sauce - truly scrummy!(always make more vegies just so can have this the next night!)

charliebrown123, Jul 23, 9:47am
when we have pork I cook extra roast veges... then the next night we have macaroni cheese with cooked bacon, onion and fried up roast veges in it... delicious.

guest, Jan 11, 11:32am
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