Mince patties

reggienz, Oct 14, 10:15pm
How do you keep mince patties from breaking while cooking them

lodgelocum, Oct 14, 10:21pm
I bind mine with flour and egg and they don't seem to break, they do need to be moist enough.

twindizzy, Oct 14, 10:50pm
egg and a drizzle of oil

sarahb5, Oct 14, 10:55pm
A hamburger press so you can compress them better, and refrigerate them for an hour or so before you cook them - seems to help them "set"

village.green, Oct 15, 2:57am
Definitely refrigerate them as sarahb5 says. It helps. I have a hamburgers press that does a good job but sometimes I just make little ones and they never seem to break. Eggs are wonderful binders and possibly a few breadcrumbs if you are not avoiding gluten.

reggienz, Oct 15, 3:47am
Thaks every one. I used a bit of flour and an egg. Did the trick for me.

cottagerose, Oct 17, 5:01am
I add breadcrumbs and sausagemeat to the mince. Works a treat and makes more rissoles

guest, Jan 11, 7:49am
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guest, Jan 13, 1:45pm
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guest, Jan 14, 9:57am
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