Sweetened condensed milk

uli, Mar 14, 8:21am
bump for lindsay26

elliehen, Mar 15, 1:57am
I think you waited too long and missed the boat ;)

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ringgirl, Oct 18, 8:09am
I made the Birdseed Bars I found in here the other day, and also some choc chunk cookies, so I have used 2 recipes in an effort to finish off a can of sweetened condensed milk. But I have about half a can left, can I freeze it or something! Or does someone have another recipe to use up the rest of the can! Many thanks

245sam, Oct 18, 8:14am
ringgirl, yes sweetened condensed milk can be frozen but if you really want to use it now, try doing a search here on the Recipes MB using condensed milk as the Keywords and Last year as the Date posted option - you'll find a variety or recipes including both baked and unbaked slices, etc.e.g.Lolly Cake, Apricot Fudge Slice, Caramel Crumble. :-))

ringgirl, Oct 18, 8:15am
Oooh thanx!

dbab, Oct 18, 6:33pm
Ice cream.
Beat a 300ml bottle of cream till soft peaks. Beat in 1/2 can condensed milk and add any flavouring you like.- mashed strawberries or bananas, grated chocolate etc.
Our favourite is a good slosh of maple syrup.
Freeze and enjoy.
Best used within 10 days (if it lasts that long)

jessie981, Oct 18, 7:11pm
I use this recipe
This recipe is good if you only have a smaller amount of either coconut or condensed milk.
pour condensed milk into a bowl, add
enough coconut to bind, sultanas (opt) & 1tsp vanilla essence
roll into balls & bake 15 - 20 mins @ 160 or until slightly brown

freestar5, Oct 22, 11:16am
We made russan fudge with 1/2 a can then all helped to just eat the other half -by the spoonfull!

griffo4, Oct 22, 11:17pm
Annabel Langbein's butter cookies or more commonly known as many biscuits l put half a can in them and they are so nice and you can make many different flavours from one batch
You can make them up and into log, wrap in gladwrap and freeze

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