Safely cooking chicken . are oven warmers ok?

roadie, Sep 26, 9:30pm
Hi, I have 9 people over for dinner on Saturday night, and would like to make chicken kebabs (usually use this marinade. - will probably triple the sauce)but my question is, usually I make it for four people, and cook 8 at a time, they go straight to the table.

I was wondering, if I started cooking them early, is it safe to put them in a foil lined oven dish in the warmer drawer!I have never used our warmer drawer, and I was wondering if the chicken would be a bit dodgy after!

I usually cook them on a pan that has the groves, which only fits 8 (like a sausage / roast pan!)Instead of using this, would I be able to cook them directly on the three oven racks - I don't know if I can scrub the racks clean, and put them directly onto the oven rack with a catchall tray underneath for drips!If I put them all on trays, then they will end up sitting in their own fat/juice. which might not be a bad thing!

So in batches, or in one hit, either in pans or on the racks!It would be good if they were all cooked prior to the guests arrival!Am giving it a side of green salad, and a Morocan Couscous salad.

roadie, Sep 26, 9:34pm
Another option is to cook in batches, wrap in foil and put in warmer, but once cooking is done, put the foil packages back in the oven at, say, 120!

How can you stop the foil sticking to the food! Spray it with oil!

nzhel, Sep 26, 11:03pm
You can get foil now in the supermarkets that apparently doesn't stick to food.
I usually grill chicken kebabs in my mini oven on a tray on baking paper and they turn out fine,
I would think if you started them a little bit early and kept them quite warm and covered they should be fine for a while tho I certainly wouldn't leave them like that for several hours. If you cooked them all at once you could put them back in the oven in a covered tray with the oven off anyway just leave the oven door open slightly for a short time to let some of the heat out so they don't keep on cooking.

roadie, Sep 27, 6:43am
Thanks Nzhel. will give it a go.Now I am wondering if I should put them on my serving platter as soon as they are cooked, and put that in the warmer drawer/oven. but I am not sure if that is oven proof!It would be nice to pull them out after the entre (not that it is really entre, just bread / oil / hummusy stuff).

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