Need recipe to usr gravy beef

tarshlove, Sep 19, 7:16pm
My bf is fussy as so I want a winner to shut him up about saying its crap meat

Any recipes are appreciated

sam284, Sep 19, 8:06pm
Dont have a recipe at hand but its beautiful done in the slow cooker

tarshlove, Sep 19, 8:23pm
Cld you post later!

seniorbones, Sep 19, 8:27pm
Check out the side panel and search for curry or casserole, i used to only buy it for the dog, went to dinner at a friends and had the best home made curry she said she always used gravy beef cooked very slow and it just so tender and beautiful. Dont tell him its gravy beef tell him ou bought chuck steak or somethng else, it is no different than other meat comes from the same beast as eye fillet :-)

dreamers, Sep 19, 8:40pm
I make chilli con carne with gravy beef ,not mince in the crockpot,so tender.

lilyfield, Sep 19, 8:43pm
Change boyfriend unless he is on a very good income

geldof, Sep 19, 8:48pm
Gravy beef is my first choice for casseroles and slow cooking.
Great flavour and really tender.

tarshlove, Sep 19, 11:41pm
Do you have a recipe!

poppysinger2, Sep 20, 2:06am
Hi there , I often make a delicious and tender casserole with gravy beef. here is how I do it .
Cut meat into cubes , put these in a bag with a little flour and salt and pepper and shake up the bag to coat the meat with the seasoned flour. Take meat pieces out of the bag and shake off excess flour.Fry this in hot oil to brown the meat but not cook it . I do in batches if Im making a biggish casserole. Then take the meat out of the pan and set aside while you brown some onions , and garlic . I add carrots , celery (if I have some) and any other veg you have or wanna use up eg mushrooms , peppers , etc. Add the meat back to the veg, add some beefstockmixed with hot waterif you have some eg oxo etcor if not then a shake of soy sauce is yum but you will need to adda bit of water to cover the meat and veg . Put lid on your casserole and cook in oven at 160 for 2 hours or so . Good to check on it to make sure its not drying out , if it is just add more liquid - water is fine. Usually does not need thickening as the initial flour somehow does that but if it IS too liquid can just add some cornflour and cook off on stovetop,Yummy and easy !

sam284, Sep 20, 2:09am
Here you go.

1 kg gravy beef, 1 pkt oxtail soup, 3 T tomato puree, 2 T soy sauce, approx 1 cup water, your choice of veges ie yams, mushrooms, beans.
Sprinkle and mix a little flour through diced beef. Place in slow cooker. Mix together soup, sauces and water and pour over meat and veges.Cook 7-8 hours on low or 6 hours on high.Really nice served with rice or mashed potatoes and coleslaw

valentino, Sep 20, 2:42am
Simply love Gravy Beef and Kidney pie or stew and with Dumplings.

dwyn5, Sep 21, 9:22am
Have you ever made a drip stew!
Cube and flour gravy beef, chuck or blade steak
Season with salt and pepper and beef stock powder
Put meat into metal bowl that will fit into a large saucepan.
Add any chopped up veges, onion, carrots, celery etc
Add water to saucepan to come about half way up bowl of meat.Do not cover bowl.
Simmer gently with lid on pot until meat is tender, about two
hours, stirring occasionally - check water level now and then so as not to boil dry.The condensation that rises to the pot lid drips down into the meat and creates a lovely gravy.

lythande1, Sep 21, 7:10pm
Look up some casserole recipes, google with the word CHEF in it, it cuts all the home cook ones out. That should keep Mr Picky quiet.

punkinthefirst, Sep 23, 12:23pm
Mr Picky doesn't realise that certain parts of the beast are a bit tough, sure, but those are the bits that have the most flavour if cooked long and slowly by a moist method.
Here's an old favourite
Beef Carbonnarde
1 kg gravy beef,
2 good sized onions, peeled & chopped
clove garlic, crushed
300 mls beer
300 mls water
salt & pepper
pinch each of sugar & nutmeg
slices of stale bread, crusts removed, or slices of french loaf with crusts on
made up mustard
Brown the onion, cubed, floured meat and garlic in a small amount of oil. Put into a casserole. Deglaze the pan with the water, and pour it and the beer onto the meat. Season with salt and peeper, add sugar and nutmeg, cover closely and bake at about 175 degrees C for about 90 minutes. Have enough bread cut to make a layer on top of the meat. After 90 minutes, skim any fat off the meat and pour it over the stale bread. Spread the bread with a good thick layer of mustard, arrange on top of the meat, and push it under the surface, so it soaks up some of the gravy. Leave the lid off the casserole and replace it in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes, until the bread is well browned, a bit crispy, and floating on the top. Serve with mashed potatoes and veges. Don't leave the bread off, or the mustard. It's an integral part of the dish, and there is seldom enough of it, because it is so delicious! The mustard somehow loses its "heat", and has an enriching, nut-like flavour.
I also make this with shin beef, and cook it a bit longer.

fee1965, Sep 24, 6:42am
i do the same as poppysinger. but you can also add a tin of indian tomatoes, or mexican tomatoes, or italian tomatoes to give it a different flavour.My latest one I like doing is (same method as poppysinger) add 2 oxo cubes dissovled in 1 cup water and a handful of fresh rosemary and thyme.So yumm!

fee1965, Sep 24, 6:43am
Oh and BTW tell him that the cheap cuts of meat (the ones that do the most work on the beast) are THE tastiest.ask any chef, particularly Al Brown, he raves about secondary cuts.

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