Rice cooker. Which is best?

spencer26, Aug 16, 9:03pm
I intend to buy a rice cooker and would appreciate any comments as to which brand or type is best. Only needs to be for a small quantity.

sarahb5, Aug 16, 9:16pm
I have a Breville - the older version of this one.Works well, does everything I want a rice cooker to do, ie. cook perfect rice every time.


cookessentials, Aug 16, 10:08pm
Save your money and get yourself a "Simmermat" instead, it is perfect for doing your rice as well as being able to use it for cooking in your ordinary ceramic casseroles ( and glass) directly on the stove top.

Designed in Christchurch too.

kiwitrish, Aug 17, 12:26am
I have tired a few rice makers and never been happy with the result.I have found that for me the best way of cooking rice that makes it nice and fluffy is Put one cup of rice into a saucepan, add two cups of cold water, stir, put on the lid,bring to the boil and turn off the heat.About 20 minutes later you have nice fluffy rice.

sossie1, Aug 17, 12:34am
thats what we do, the rice cooker is now in the cupboard.

Plus you only need tu usea small saucepan,which can go in the dishwasher.

cookessentials, Aug 17, 1:42am
thats how i do mine. it works even better with the simmer mat.

pogram0, Aug 17, 9:21pm
Consideration should be given to how many people you are cooking for.I purchased the Sunbeam one as it has a small bowl and I only cook rice for one person.If you are only cooking for two or three people just buy the smallest size.

toadfish, Aug 17, 10:47pm
Me too, and the best feature for me is that once it cooks it keeps it hot till serving up. And (in my opinion) its actually nicer if it has sat on the warm mode for about 30 mins.
I won one about 2 years ago. but already had one so popped it at the back of my cupboard inits box. just got it out this morning as the other was getting a bit knocked around (near the electrics) and the non stick not so non stick. really looking forward to using my new one.

sarahb5, Aug 17, 11:23pm
I have recipes in my leaflet as well for cooking other things like steaming vegetables, etc. but I've never got around to try it - I might give it a go one day .

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