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tommi2, Apr 15, 4:19am
lamb chops done like this:1 onion finely chopped sauted in 1T butter, if you have time! Otherwise just throw it in. Combine following ingedients - 2T vineger, 2T cornflour, 1/2c water, 1t mustard, 2t brown sugar, 1/2t garlic salt, 1/2t garlic pepper. Put chops or sausages in casserole dish ( can be browned first if you like). Add all other ingredients, cover and cook very slowly especially for the chops so the meat is so tender it falls off the bones. Having them with mashed spuds, glazed carrots, baby peas and corn on the cob

harrislucinda, Apr 15, 4:25am
cottagepiesteamedvegpavandfruitandice cream

maxwell.inc, Apr 15, 4:32am
Lamb flaps that I have just painstakingly de-boned. . stuffed with mushrooms and manuka/rosemary smoked bacon. . rolled. . hog tied and popped in a cas dish with a little home made bone broth. . whacked a lid on. . and in the oven. . will un lid them at 5. 30 so they can crisp up. . cant wait.

doobadoba, Apr 15, 4:33am

ju-day1, Apr 15, 4:33am
I'm with doobie

lindylambchops1, Apr 15, 5:12am
beef casserole in slow cooker followed by up--sidedown pears with ginger sponge. It smells delicious... . I can't wait either!

cottagerose, Apr 16, 7:44am
beef satay made with schnitzel strips

kabbo, Apr 17, 5:41am

happs1, Apr 18, 12:29am
pork chops baked slowly covered in milk.

packergirl, Apr 18, 1:18am
roast lamb with all the trimmings and a apple crumble with whipped cream and custard really looking forward to having dinner

happs1, Apr 18, 2:18am
OMG that does sound really yum.

fisher, Apr 18, 3:07am
Roast leg of lamb on a bed of onions and rosemary... red wine and then salted... roast agria spuds, mixed summer butter and green beans with onion slivers and butter garlic, roast Manchester carrots , a small roast beetroot each, a couple of slices of butternut. . ALL from our garden. . Then orange kumura and a small roast onion each. . all smothered in a red wine and rosemary gravy. .
Then french vanilla ice cream with home stewed apricots drenched over the top and a couple of wafers. .

tania58, Apr 18, 3:10am
last night I made a French potato dish to go along with my meat by Laura Calder which was devine. Fried onions layered with thinly sliced potatoes and covered in beef stock which you bake for 2 or 3 hours.

It's a low fat version of potato au gratin but the spuds soak up all the stock and taste rich and creamy without the cream, cheese or milk

tania58, Apr 18, 3:12am
that sounds so devine Fisher. I miss my father's homegrown vegetables . . nothing every tastes as good or my mother's stewed apricots

motorbo, Apr 18, 5:49am
can i please ask what roast Manchester carrotsis?

taruawai, Apr 18, 5:53am
Roast pork with kumara, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, kamokamo and beans... . with gravy and apple sauce of course! !

lilyfield, Apr 18, 5:54am
zuchini-pepper, tomatoe-an egg and a bit of cheese on top. Followed by a brandy

fisher, Apr 18, 6:16am
motorbo... i grow three varieties of carrots and Manchester are the largest. . I have a new top soil garden with fertilizer and blood and bone just built and because its deep soil, I can now grown these LARGE carrots... They are ideal for roasting where the other varieties i grow including "baby" carrots are ideal for boiling whole and unpeeled, top and tailed and later a dollop of honey stirred through before plating...

cookessentials, Apr 18, 6:17am
something simple for us as we have been out to the movies. Probably pumpkin soup.

fatman08, Apr 18, 6:21am
Bacon Bone soup, Kumara and Mrs fatman will have Taro with hers

beaker59, Apr 18, 8:04am
Left over night, Mashed Potato, Pumkin, kumara fried in patties with reheated cabbage and sliced cold beef with chutney.

dng, Apr 18, 8:29am
Simple easy pasta, with leftover chicken, bacon, and pasta sauce, parmesan cheese, fresh basil from the garden and roasted pine nuts!

motorbo, Apr 18, 8:34am
thanks for that, lol i htought it was some recipe i wanted to know about! ! !

herika, Apr 18, 8:46am
Blue Cod done in a coating of maize cornflour, dill, little curry powder, tinsy bit of cayenne powder, rock salt and fresh ground pepper. Served with chips and steamed broccoli :)

crystalmoon, Apr 19, 9:41am
hazelnut coffee and a sausage roll, lolz mmmmmmmmm... ... .

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