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fisher, Apr 19, 10:31am
Well tonight was a bit special... friend went out to sea , some 40 miles from up these parts and they got some 25 odd bass, bluenose and gemfish... I mean HUGE, MASSIVE fish brought up from 300 metres from the depths on jigging rods and reels. . 8 slabs gave me 32 big fillets and I must admit to being overzealous and cooking up some Bluenose, 2 for Kathy and 4 for myself... Simply superb, melt in your mouth chunks of moist fish... I'm told some smoked roe will be delivered in the morning...
My pitiful offering of various fresh vegetables and herbs from my garden and also some dried herbs seems minuscule...

02shawn, Apr 19, 10:15pm
roast vege salad tonight coz i cant think of anything else and i have heaps of veges

lulu239, Apr 20, 4:43am
I made 2 meat loaves over the weekend and meant to freeze one. We have alternated hot and cold. Tonight we finish up the meat and I'm still deciding as to whether we have it in gravy or make a salad.

fisher, Feb 17, 3:02am
Lamb chops... in a drizzle mint sauce. . home made potato salad, steamed beans, peas, and cauli with some onion slivers and home processed mint... simple but effective... :}

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