Fish Pie

kiwiscrapper1, Jun 27, 8:50pm
Any one made it the night before needed! I have a yummy peice of smoked fish which I will steam and make a fish pie but it stinks the kitchen out and I am having a friend to stay and thought it would be good for dinner as we are going out for a lunch party so just want something easy I can throw in the oven to heat through, just in case we are hungry when we get home. Plus I can light my 'cooks candle' and get rid of the smell the day before too!.

beaker59, Jun 27, 8:53pm
I often do as its always better second day :)

My fish pies are way too big so we get two nights out of them. But they are well cooked the first time.

kirmag, Jun 27, 9:44pm
I have.Made one last night for work dinner tonight :)

Things like those are always better the next night anyway

kiwiscrapper1, Jun 28, 4:13am
Thankyou I will make it tomorrow for Saturday.

guest, Mar 20, 1:23pm
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guest, Mar 20, 8:23pm
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guest, Mar 21, 6:58pm
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