My beetroot is foaming

grinnbareit, Apr 10, 3:55am
I have had to throw out 8 large jars of beetroot, I opened one and it was foaming within 6 hours. Has anyone else had this happen. the little we ate was insipid. I have used the same recipe for years.

bin-boy-lin, Apr 10, 3:57am
Its fermenting, turn it into beetroot wine. LOL.

buzzy110, Apr 10, 4:16am
Please can you be more precise. Do you mean foaming as in white foam forming on the top of the liquid or do you mean 'fizzing'? Also how do you do your beetroot? Were they cooked then preserved in hot vinegar and sealed or what?

Frankly I'd go an retrieve my beetroot until we can get to the cause of your problem.

korbo, Apr 10, 10:25am
what salt did you use, when making the syrup? ? ? ? please let us know, will check mine tomorrow.

grinnbareit, Apr 10, 11:55pm
Sorry been a while getting back here. It was fermenting and I did not want to risk eating the beetroot out of the other jars. I used sea salt [ rock salt ] malt vinegar, sugar and water. The jars were washed , rinsed and dried in an oven just before filling, like I have done for the last 15 years. I just baught 2 boxes of beetroot to try again, maybe I won't add any water this time. We eat a lot of beetroot, so I hope I can sort it.

buzzy110, Apr 11, 2:46am
Oh sorry. I probably don't have any useful information to help you here. I do make fermented beetroot but I use salt and sometimes whey without salt. Also I use raw beetroot. It seems to me that maybe the sugar to salt ratio may have been a bit skewed, with not enough salt to prevent fermentation and enough sugar so that the liquid would actually begin fermentation.

On the other hand, fermentation is not a sign of toxins being present, either.

Not sure why the vinegar didn't prevent fermentation.

uli, Apr 11, 4:35am
I would say that
- either the vinegar was not strong enough
- or the beetroot was too watery
- which results in the same problem in the end.

I have learned never to pick cucumbers for pickling after I irrigated or it rained. If I have to - then I up my vinegar part and drop the water part of the recipe.

Otherwise they will ferment.
Which is not bad - just not what I want when making pickles.

I see that you used malt vinegar - and I remember a thread in general a while back saying that the vinegar was not as strong as it used to be. So that could be your problem. I would up the vinegar content if you want to try again.

Of course with bought beetroot you do not know how fast they were grown and how much water they contain, so it will be a bit of guesswork.

pickles7, Apr 11, 11:17am
Probably the vinegar, I am using my own vinegar now, it is so easy to make and tastes so much better. . I will bump up the recipe for you.

korbo, Apr 11, 6:45pm
From my mums experience, she always said in preserving to use plain salt. that i think could be the problem. I also only use DYC vinegar, tried another brand once, and it didnt seem to have the same flavour. My beetroot is fine. Invest in a bag of PLAIN salt, and i just keep it in a jar in pantry, only for preserving. good luck.

pickles7, Apr 12, 10:15am
DYC is not anything like it used to be. I will re-write the recipe out, I have made heaps now. . I made a lot with a beer home brew. Turned out way better than I expected. . Let us know how the new lot turns out. sea salt will be fine, can't get any better.

buzzy110, Apr 12, 10:09pm
I look forward to reading your recipe pickles. You didn't put one into your vinegar thread and I'm really keen.

purplegoanna, Jan 24, 1:41am
budget brand vinegar is even worse, a huge NO NO is using it to bottle... .

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