Hazelnuts, do I shell them first to roast?

tinker6, Apr 9, 5:15am
Does anyone have any recipes that use hazelnuts. Thanks

harrislucinda, Apr 9, 5:18am
yesyou shellbeforeroastlove arecipeaswellashaveafewhereoffourtree

tinker6, Apr 9, 5:20am
I have done a batch of them. Half shelled, half not. They both turned out ok but are they surpose to be squishy in the middle? ? What do I do with them now? ? ?

lilyfield, Apr 9, 5:35am
you can use hazelnut where ever you use other nuts. All of your baking. My most favorite nut it is. No they should not be squishy. Nice and dry, like almonds. so you can grind them . Or use chopped. Roast them shelled to bring out their flavor.

uli, Apr 9, 5:40am
No they are not supposed to be squishy in the middle - either they were unripe or you "cooked" them - instead of roasted them.

Were they by chance the ones you "cooked" in the shell?

Hazelnuts are usually first shelled - then dried for a few months -then roasted. Roasting takes only about 20 minutes at about 150 degrees. Any higher and they burn. Turn over regularly.

Then rub them between some kitchen towels and most of the brown skin comes off.

For recipes google "hazelnut cookies" or "hazelnut cakes" There are literally thousands of great recipes around.

I make a cake only from ground roasted hazels, a few spoonfuls of sugar, about 200g of dark chocolate and between 10 and 25 eggs (depending on size of cake I want to make).

Beat the egg yolks with sugar until white - add chocolate and ground hazels - and some cinnamon if you wish - then fold beaten egg whites under :)
Bake very slowly like a meringue - which it is really. Good luck!

tinker6, Apr 9, 6:01am
Thank you so much, I gather you can eat them raw? ?

uli, Jan 14, 4:16pm
Oh yes - you just crack and eat :)
Go for it ...

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