Slow cooker roast chicken

kintama_80, Jul 23, 5:53am
Have had a look at some of the old threads but not clear if I should put in frozen and if I need anything other than some herbs?Looking for some advice from the wise, partner is v skeptical about this and I would like to surprise with this :)

maycey, Jul 23, 6:17am
Don't put in frozen. If not for your health I hear it can ruin your Slow cooker too. Some will tell you to go for it but I wouldn't risk it. Try a hangi in the SC or Allison and Simon have a nice SC chicken recipe in their SC book. It has curry powder, paprika and other spices in it. I remember the recipe was on the TradeMe cooks site which you can access the file somewhere.

fifie, Jul 23, 7:16am
A couple of recipes for you.Alison Simon Holsts Paprika Chicken..
Turn slow cooker on high to heat up,spray s/cooker bowl with non stick spray. put a upturned saucer or a small bread and butter plate in the bottom of cooker to sit the chicken on (this keeps it up out of the fat that comes out of it) Wash chook inside and out pat dry trim off any excess fat.
Rub a whole thawed not frozen chickenall over with a littleoil. Mix 1Tablespoon curry powder, 1Tablespoon paprika, 1Tablespoon flour, 1teaspoon oregano, 1teaspoon thyme, 1teaspoon celery salt all together and rub this all over the chicken.
Put any fresh herbs you havein the cavity.Sit the chicken on the upturned saucer or plate breast side up,Lid on and cook 6 hours on high for a well cooked chicken.
Alisons Honey- Soy -Chicken is nice also.
1 whole chicken,2 lemons, 2 cloves garlic, 1/4 cup dark soy sauce, 1/4 cup honey.
Cut 4-6 deep slashes in one of the lemons, then stuff the lemon and garlic (they don't have to be peeled) inside the bird.Thoroughly coat the cooker bowl with a non stick spray add the chicken and turn the cooker on to low. Combine the soy sauce and honey juice of the remaining lemon in a small bowl stir to mix and pour the sauce over the chicken.Lid on and cook low 8-9 hours, for a dark even glaze spoon some of the cooking liquid over bird in the last hour of cooking. Serve with egg noodles, or plain rice and stir fry or steamed vegtables.

sumstyle, Jul 23, 7:25am
Independent test done by Food Safety Services Limited for the Healthy Food Guide on cooking a chicken from frozen.I note also that the tester used the cooker on the lowest setting, so I don't see how it would damage the ceramic inside - it's not like the shock ofcold hitting hot or vice versa.

kintama_80, Jul 23, 11:33pm
Thanks all, have got my bird in and cooking :) Looking forward to seeing how it comes out

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