Boneless roast lamb - help please

scannell2, Apr 30, 2:22am
hello i am cooking a 2kg bonesless roast lamb for tea tonight but have never done it before. i was hoping to sear it on the bbq either before or after cooking and am not sure when you should do this. should i slow cook it or just normal for it to come out slightly pink and how do i know how long to cook it for and at what temperature. sorry for being such a bad cook i do want this to be perfect. i dont want to roll it or stuff it, it has a spice glaze on it but i might rub rosemary and garlic with oil over the top before i sear it. think i saw on masterchef they seared it at the end. any help is GREATLY appreciated. cheers

cookessentials, Apr 30, 2:47am!page=roasting&m=359if you have a look here, it gives you the methods and cooking times for various cuts of meat. I would roast it as I would any other meat. Lamb is always much nicer slightly pink and rested well before carving.

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