how do u roast a chicken

kurtis, Apr 7, 7:15am
i have 8 chicken breasts, do i need to put oil or butter in the tray first to stop the chicken sticking to the pan, i want to just cook the cook the chicken with no seasoning and in a sep frying pan prepare the seasoning in there with canned chopped tomoatoes, herbs chilli onions and whatever mixing it all together then when the chickens cooked just pour all this over the chicken will this work? ive never cooed a chicken before

ryanm2, Apr 7, 7:18am
put them in a roasting dish, lid on, 180c, all go. No need for oil or butter, the chicken shouldn't dry out.

kurtis, Apr 7, 7:21am
whats a roasting dish, i was just gonna put all the chicken on a tray, theres no lid

uli, Apr 7, 7:21am
Welcome back kurtis LOL :)
How is the "hormone" treatment going ... ? ? ?

kurtis, Apr 7, 7:39am
ive lost 75 pounds thank you very much, hormone free

uli, Jan 9, 6:42am
Hormone free - how did you do THAT? ? LOL :)
And 75 "pounds" would be something like 40kgs? ?

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