Microwave Plum Chutney or on stove top.

lindylambchops1, Feb 18, 6:51am
Have been down the river bed today & picked some gorgeous little golden plums.Have used some for jam, but will make this tomorrow!
The advantage is that small batches can be made using fresh or frozen fruit exactly when
it suits you. Use a large Pyrex bowl and do not cover whilst cooking. Jars can be
sterilised and warmed just prior to use by putting a little water in 3-4 jars and heating on
high power for around 3 mins.
(makes approx 4 lb) I usually do half this recipe and half the cooking time
900g (2 lbs) plums stoned and halved
900ml (1.5 pts) malt vinegar
900g (2lbs) soft brown sugar
350g (0.75lb) onions finely chopped.
2 cloves finely chopped garlic
450g (1lb) sultanas
10 ml (2 tspn) dried mustard powder
30 ml (3 tspn) ground ginger
15 ml (1.5 tspn) ground allspice
50g (2oz) salt
grated rind of orange
1. Heat vinegar and sugar in large casserole on high for 10 mins. Stir to dissolve
2. Add plums and cook on high for 20 mins
3. Add all other ingredients and cook on high for about 1 hour stirring occasionally
until the mixture is thick with no excess liquid. Stir every 10 mins.
4. Leave to stand covered for 10 mins. Then stir and pour into sterilised jars. Cover
and label.

lindylambchops1, Feb 18, 10:57pm
Plums are plentiful at the moment & I got mine off a tree down the river bed.

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