Bolar roast in slow cooker

bizzabill, Feb 11, 8:25pm
What do you put in with your bolar roast when slow cooking!

poppy62, Feb 11, 9:10pm
Actually this can be a very dry type of meat so I prefer to cook it in an oven bag with garlic, salt, fresh rosemary and olive oil.It turns out much more succulent this way but you could do the same in a slow cooker I guess!I just think that an oven bag will keep the juices locked in better.

penwill1, Feb 11, 11:04pm
I brown in fry pan on all sides, into crockpot, pour over 1/2 cup red wine and let it cook all day on low, take roast out, season juice and thicken, it is so moist and the taste is amazing, you could you stock instead of wine.

raewyn64, Feb 12, 1:48am
I brown mine, put it in the crockpot with a packet of beef cup a soup, some soy sauce adn that is about it. When it is done I add some gravy mix to the liquid to thicken it up. I have found bolar comes out lovely in the crockpot - one roast I can do well :) lol

fifie, Feb 12, 2:10am
Like mine rubbed all over with little oil,crushed garlic,s/p browned well in frying pan, into C/P drizzle little Balsamic OR Red wine vinegar over it whichever you have, when done rest on plate covered in tin foil, while you make a gravy from juices in a saucepan with 1 tblsp of chutney added.

stacie_nz, Feb 12, 9:06am
I fill the crock pot with gravy, enough to cover the roast and cook.

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