Quick slowcooker question - re carrots!?! HELP

missmuppett, Jan 24, 11:49pm
Hi all, I am doing a Silverside in the SC with malt vinegar/brown sugar and ginger ale.When should I put the carrots in !I want them to cook in time for tea at 6.30/7pm!Not sure as I've not done carrots before.I only just put the SC on at 12pm with the silverside in.On high!

twindizzy, Jan 25, 1:02am
Hoof them in now- all good

tjman, Jan 25, 1:15am
Put them on the base of the slowcooker all in together

wingee, Jan 25, 2:41am
I usuallyccok them in the microwave for about 2 min before putting them in the SCas I have found if I dont they are still firm.

katewest, Jan 25, 4:12am
Bit late for you now.but I quarter onions, cut carrots into big chunks, and crush a couple of garlic gloves. Put those at the bottom of the crockpot, sit the siverside on top then just cover the onion/carrot mix with water. I cook on low for the day. This is really, really yummy and the carrot/onion mix becomes a another vege with the meal!

raewyn64, Jan 25, 6:46am
I like the carrots to have the vinegar flavour so I cut up my carrots and get a small saucepan and spoon some of the liquid from the cooked silverside in the crockpot and put that and the carrots in the saucepan and then just put it on the stove and boil them as normal.