I have a plum tree.

draco27, Jan 23, 3:46am
hi guys, just wondering if any of you are in ashburton or want to have a drive to ashburton, i have a plumtree and a tonne of plums, we have been eating them but are now sick of them , im not one to make jams or anything so if anyones in the area or wants to go on a road trip feel free to come and take as many as you want! there making a real big mess on my lawn!

eljayv, Jan 23, 3:57am
I feel like that about feijoas each year.

kob, Jan 23, 7:04pm
draco I was the same this year 9 trees all full to the brim only 1 tree I actually like to eat, so I pout a public post on facebook and said they were free to anyoner who wanted to arrange a time with me first, allmost all gone, so will do it again next season as the foodbank dont wont to know about them, inless your prepared to turn them into jam, even bagged a few uo and took them into the market day sold for $2 a fruit bag or $1 an icecream container, but really didnt want to stanfd there picking them so was a great option for us

makespacenow, Jan 23, 7:08pm
Why not make drunken plums! You only need to pick them wash them and stuff a jar with layers of plums sogar and rum (vodka.) . Leave for few months in cool dark place .

ansypansy1, Jan 24, 6:06am
Oooh, feijoas, where do you live eljayv.

kamitchell, Jan 24, 8:30am
Wish I was closer!Around the country are community groups who will come and pick unwanted fruit and then give the fruit to charities.I'll see if there is one near Ashburton!I think it's an amazing idea

draco27, Jan 24, 8:28pm
some good ideas here! id just like to get rid of them all lol

kob, Jan 24, 9:19pm
i rang our local food bank and he said it would be no good as they would go off before his next delivery, so what can you do, I had 9 trees full my facebook add did well and also me bagging them up for market was success but all I wanted to do was give them away lol

kamitchell, Jan 24, 11:36pm
draco, here is a group you could contact, I'm they sure they would love to come and take the plums off your hands and are based in Ashburton!


hoonguek, Jan 25, 1:39am
kuaka, hahaha reminded me of my old plum tree. the bird had half and me the other.

vintagekitty, Jan 25, 1:50am
Thats a really poor effort on the foodbank coordinator's part. Our one loves getting fresh fruit and vege, and will even organise volunteers to pick it if needed. We dont accept home made jam or pickles etc because of legislation around being made in a reg kitchen and holding food handling cert's.

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