Vegetarian meal suggestions?

melissa358, Jan 17, 7:20am
I am not eating enough protein etc does anyone have any good meal ideas!

tjman, Jan 17, 7:37am
Three cheese canneloni!Also have some protein shakes

sossie1, Jan 17, 7:42am
try the internet

frances1266, Jan 17, 8:46am
Pulses, tofu and seitan.Most plants have protein and apparently it is more of a problem to have too much protein rather than too little.

terachaos, Jan 17, 7:05pm
Don't know if you are okay with eggs, but you can do a caesar salad of sorts, I leave out the bacon and anchovies (Yuck!). Very quick and easy and ideal on a hot day. I have a parmesan addiction too.
Try have lots of great vegetarian recipes.

painterman, Jan 18, 2:11am
tofu, eggs, spinach, cheese, nuts, seeds, eggs, chickpeas, lentils, quinoa, drenching everything in dark soy sauce. avocado