Cheese puffs or cheese scones?

kiwitrish, Jan 17, 2:57am
I always make cheese scones but have noticed a thread on here about cheese pufffs.Which do you think are better, or are they just completely different!

amazing_grace, Jan 17, 2:59am
I always thought that Cheese Puffs were holey and fluffy and made like a Yorkshire pudding.I made the mistake of using Jo Seagars recipe someone posted on here yesterday and they were just like a cheese scone.very disappointing, I have to say.

kiwitrish, Jan 17, 3:02am
Glad you told me that as I was going to make that recipe instead of scones.

kinna54, Jan 17, 3:05am
Gosh, the ones I make are always very light and fluffy, (sure it was Jo Seagar's recipe, (Mind you I haven't made them in quite a while.) Milk quantity could have an effect! The mix should be quite runny from recollection!
I also have a very old Woman's Weekly Tui Flower recipe for cheese popovers, that are definitely crisp, and are like a yorkshire pudding.
Happy to scan and post if interested, or maybe you could try an online search.

gardie, Jan 17, 4:01am
Are you perhaps thinking of a cheesy choux pastry - that would meet your description.I find that cheese puffs and a cakier version of cheese scones if that makes sense.

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