Made pickle -jars didnt seal.

tuscany9, Mar 31, 8:49am
Made pickle using cucumber, courgettes. same recipe as I have used for several years. Made 9 jars. So far, so good.
Only two jars sealed! Checked one of the unsealed jars - lids and jars look fine. Do I have to re-boil contents and bottle again? If so, do I have to use new lids? Or can I just keep and use the pickle?
Have made pickle and marmalade using these jars for several years with no problem. Any advice on what I have done wrong this time would be appreciated. Very hopeful that I can just use the pickle over the next 2-3 months.

cookessentials, Mar 31, 8:58am
Some people say to wait till jars are cold before sealing. I prefer to put the cellophane style covers on ( wet) while jars are hot - they tighten as the jar cools and the cellophane cover dries - I then put a lid on.
Personally, I would re heat and re-do the jars.

1buzemum, Mar 31, 9:00am
My Aunty use to put fruit and brine into jars uncooked and put jars into pot covered with water and boil (sorry don't know how long) then she took them out of water and they will seal... .could try this and see

My sister found if she had a breeze (with window open by sink) she had high rate of jars not sealing ? ? just something elae to think about

tuscany9, Dec 23, 4:48pm
Thankyou for your advice. This morning I tipped all the unsealed jars of pickle into a big pyrex jug and microwaved for5-6 minutes till well and truly boiling. Washed and heated jars in oven, and sterilised lids again. Very pleased to report that they all sealed within 4-5 hours of sealing. And yes, I did put them in a part of my kitchen where there was no draught. Probably helped. Many thanks.

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