Your help please re cooking casserole in crockpot

jills3, Dec 16, 9:16pm
I am cooking a casserole with all the meat and vegies in crockpot for an elderly friend with cancer.Its been cooking overnight and still cooking, my question when I lift the lid and thicken it with bisto, then put lid on how long before its thickened and cooked,should I give it say another 10 mins, thank you.

kiwitrish, Dec 16, 9:20pm
Do not put the lid back on when you have added your thickner.If you put the lid back on all the moisture will go back into the pot and it will not thicken. Leave cooking until as thick as you require.

jills3, Dec 16, 9:35pm
Thanks very much kiwitrish,Merry Christmas

kiwitrish, Dec 16, 9:37pm
And the same to you and the family.

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