Milk powder

leonie11, Dec 15, 3:37am
was wondering why my milk made from milk powder goes off really quickly in the fridge! I keep it in and airtight container! anyone know, tia

245sam, Dec 15, 3:56am
leonie11, I can't tell you exactly why this is happening for you - I understood that milk made from milk powder had the same 'shelf life' as 'normal milk' and the only thing I can think of is the temperature of the water that you reconstituted the milk with - was it cold! no hint of warmth!
I hope someone else can enlighten you more than that - it certainly can't be economical to have the milk going off.:-))

elliehen, Dec 15, 4:28am
Mine lasts for just as long as bought milk, but it does need to be stored in glass and not in plastic.Plastic makes it go smelly.

leonie11, Dec 15, 5:52am
thanks people, i do mix it with cold water, but have been storing it in plastic, will try glass, thanks again

pickles7, Dec 15, 8:47am
Sterilize the plastic container, it may have a bug. I use a plastic jug, it is easier than a bottle to use.

lilyfield, Dec 15, 8:59am
I also use plastik- it does not go off. make up less to use faster- or use straight dry in a cup of coffee- milk -whatever. In muesli I mix it into the dry mix and then just use water when eating. lazy!yes.

hezwez, Dec 15, 9:03am
I've no problems storing it in a plastic jug with a lid, in the fridge. Use 2 litres every 2 ~ 3 days. The jug needs careful washing though beneath the lip of the lid etc. otherwise can get smelly.

elliehen, Dec 15, 9:26am
I have two glass jugs with gladwrap on top for the fridge. One is in use and one's in the dishwasher.

I can't check right now because currently I don't have a brand new packet (powder is stored in a Tupperware container) but I seem to remember that instructions on the packet specify glass.I'll have a look in the supermarket.

I also do what lilyfield does and put dry powder straight into a cup and into some recipes.depends how many people are in the house at any one time.

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