people who pickle...HELP

camlamb1, Mar 26, 11:22pm
Long story short. making tomato relish first timer, done first part 1 and half gentle boiling, need to sterilize my jars, haven't got oven, (i am cooking on the fire)so cannot use that to sterilize, and the only pot i have big enough to use i am using to cook the relish. I do have a microwave i could get out, i have a friend who sterilizes her baby bottles in one. or else i have a bbq with the lid which i think can be used like an oven. any other way? ? eg boiling water from the jug with either vinigar or lemon juice in it? ? ?

camlamb1, Mar 26, 11:25pm
O yes, by the way i am one of those people who never read the whole thing first, and just jump in... . hence the situation i am in now.

( some ma's do ave em)

cookessentials, Mar 26, 11:29pm
Half fill with water and then on high for about 3 mins or until water starts to boil. The problem you will have is that you then need to pop them in a warm oven to dry. The jars need to be warm AND dry for your relish, so not sure how you will get around that problem.

camlamb1, Mar 26, 11:38pm
Thankyou thankyou. i can work around that. I have a medium dutch oven, not the big type, i will put that on the fire top with a wire rack on the bottom and cover the top with tinfoil, ( jars are way taller than D. Oven. Will be able to do three at a time. Thanks heaps. Didn't go thro the pain of burning lips, nose and eyes from cutting cilli's for nothing.

cookessentials, Mar 27, 12:22am
Well done. let us know how it turns out.

camlamb1, Mar 27, 2:52am
http://images, jp

http://images, jp

I came I saw I relished. where there is a will there is a way.

Thanks heaps.

camlamb1, Mar 27, 3:36am
opps, http://images. jp
http://images. jp

lythande1, Mar 27, 3:39am
I use my husbands beer sterilising solution. Fill sink with water, put in sufficient powder for the amount of water, add jars.
Leave for 20 mins, let relish cool to warm - you can get away with very warm - then fill jars.
Works just fine and no hot jars to worry about.

camlamb1, Dec 8, 4:06pm
http://images. jp

If that dosn't work, i give up. it is a picture of the relish in the jars.

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