Problem with homemade puff pastry

orion2, Oct 15, 4:26am
I am using the same recipe I have used for a while and lately when I bake with the pastry the butter leaks out and burns in the oven.I was wondering if I should cut down on the butter or am I doing something wrong any ideas are welcome.

kinna54, Oct 15, 4:51am
Ooh that's a toughie:
Maybe "seal" the pastry with beaten egg yolk before baking!
Cutting down the butter could make the pastry more flakey!
Have a look at puff pastry cooking tips on google.

krazy_kat, Oct 15, 7:19am
How are you folding it!Are you folding it one way, resting, rolling and then folding the opposite direction!Are you taking the butter right to the edge in the first place!You should leave a gap so the dough and seal around it.

orion2, Oct 15, 8:44am
Yep I am doing all the folding etc but have been googling it and have heard of laminating, seems that could be my problem not folding it enough for the butter to be properely rolled in.

lythande1, Oct 15, 6:28pm
How can it leak during cooking! That would mean it hasn't been incorporated but just inserted.

fifie, Oct 15, 8:12pm
Mmmm a curly one, when its just started this, Maybe something to do with the butter ! these days some of the butter has more water content in it than others, have you changed brandsyou buy to make it with.

books4nz, Oct 15, 9:23pm
+ 1.

Some butter now has water added - check the ingredient list on the side of the pack - if water is added, it may be the problem.

taratoo, Oct 15, 9:33pm
Check your oven temp. Pastry needs the temp just right to heat the dough enough to "hold", then steam makes it rise within while the butter crisps the now lightly steamed flour. If the oven temp is too low, the dough won't "hold" and the butter may just melt, and wouldn't crisp the un-steamed flour. Just a thought:) Good luck!

orion2, Oct 16, 1:58am
thanks for the hints I will try making pastry again and try these ideas

krazy_kat, Oct 19, 3:17am
Orion2, lamination is the process of folding.Are you resting between each fold prior to rolling again!And are you turning it after each fold!I have heard that water in butter could be a problem, but haven't had a problem with it yet.Good luck, far to much butter to be wasting for it not to work out!

roundtop, Oct 28, 5:29am
buy it,would be easier.I use pams flakey and it good

elliehen, Oct 28, 7:22am
I think Edmonds makes one with 100% butter for the fat and no additives (Butter Puff!)

Even on Masterchef this week, when the challenge for the four finalists was to create a recipe for the home cook, the judges recommended that they give the home cooks the choice of buying ready-made pastry or making it from scratch.

If making it from scratch makes you feel good, do it, but you'll still be a worthy human being if you buy it ready-made.Just try to buy a good quality version :)

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