The problem with bagged salads....

kirinesha, Jan 17, 7:08pm
I knew there was a good reason I stopped buying bagged salad leaves (apart from the whiff of chemicals when you opened them)!

bedazzledjewels, Jan 17, 7:36pm
Yes, that is not good. Another reason to grow your own, buy organic or stay away from greens in bags.

dezzie, Jan 17, 8:03pm
lol, also take from the article that living foods salads and pams fresh express are exactly the same product, not that I buy any of them.
Anyone know the price difference between the two, just out of interest?

nfh1, Jan 17, 8:30pm
They may just be produced by Living Foods but have different make ups and I am sure different mark ups.

fifie, Jan 17, 8:33pm
Yuk, hate those bags of leaves everyone buys, why dosen't this surprise me. If you havent a garden plant 2-3 in a pot always got salad leaves then, pick what you want. Personally i prefer the old iceberg crisp lettuce any day with a bit of crunch.

kiwitrish, Jan 17, 8:38pm
Got to agree with you there, iceberg is the way to go.No bagged leaves for us.

bedazzledjewels, Jan 17, 8:50pm
Agree too - I've gone back to iceberg. It's usually a lot cheaper too.

elliehen, Jan 17, 9:26pm
I always used to grow lots of frilly endive (like the hydroponic ones in the supermarket) and just raid the leaves directly from the garden.They're hardy and seeded all over the place, even into the nearby lawn - I ended up regularly mowing lettuce!

beaker59, Jan 17, 9:51pm
I also grow my own salad greens currently Cos and Spinach and really prefer it to the bagged stuff as it has much better flavour and texture.

However lets be fair here your home grown stuff is just as likely to have Listeria. Its a soil born bacteria so your stuff is more likely to have it present as the bagged stuff is grown in vermiculite. Only difference is the bagged stuff is not quite as fresh (24 hrs in the bag) but it also would have been better washed.

I'm willing to bet the water at the washing plant from the first rinse got randomly tested or something and some listeria bugs were found and that the bagged greens were as a result recalled just in case. Also bet theres more listeria in the cheese you sprinkle over your salad.

Also some hysterical medical proffesional will come on the telly begging pregnant women to stop eating any salads, is there anything left on the can eat list now that all the good stuff like seafoods are discouraged.

buzzy110, Jan 17, 10:09pm
Oh god. I love that last bit about the hysterical medical professional. DD has just reproduced and she presented me with a list as long as my arm of the things she couldn't eat whilst pregnant. I accepted that but when she gave me another, longer list of foods she shouldn't eat while feeding, I read the riot act and she finally saw sense.

These lists were made by 'hysterical medical professionals' methinks and your description is spot on.

beaker59, Jan 17, 10:39pm
Isn't it though. Daughter in law who is 7mths preg was read the riot act by doctor because she admitted to a craving for fresh fish and that my son and I had kept her well supplied. I mean fresh fish what better food is there for building my new grandson with. She eats it with heaps of fresh salads from my garden I'm willing to bet he's born with shiny blond hair and strong bones on a diet like that certainly he will be going on the boat fishing with grandad within a few days of birth like all the other grandchildren.

lythande1, Jan 17, 10:53pm
Can't see why anyone would pay excessive prices for stale leaves in a bag. How about DIY salad?

uli, Jan 17, 11:07pm
Well the point is that no-one accepts death nowadays - now I know three million TM users will be down my throat for spelling that out - but that is the root of the matter.

There is no-one nowadays accepting that of 6 children 3 to 4 were to die in former years - hence we had a stable population. Now that is not even debatable. So we keep eating nothing that could be good for the mother and child - because it could also be "bad"....

pickles7, Jan 18, 12:33am
you going to stop your medication then, ili??

nfh1, Jan 18, 12:58am
Come on, you know how busy everyone is.All that washing of leaves - how could you watch Survivor Where Ever?, Jan 18, 4:09am
Pregnant women can eat fresh fish, freshly cooked, no problem.That's not a problem with Listeria.Has there been a miscommunication?

uli, Jan 18, 5:36am
In case you mean me with "ili" - then yes I have never taken any medication in my life except when emergency doctors put it into me ...

buzzy110, Jan 18, 9:50am
Let me be the first to congratulate you on your impending grandadhood beaker. Maybe we'll see each other out on the briny teaching our respective grandson's how to fish and swim and eatfood that is good for them.

duckmoon, Jan 18, 10:58am
You could market pre-cut lettuce!

pickles7, Jan 18, 11:49am
Naughty Doctors.

beaker59, Jan 19, 9:06am
He's booked for first fishing trip end of April should be a few good ones around he has to have his first snapper before he's a month old. His cousins did :)

Prospective Mum spent day with me today as we live close to the clinic and she had a scan. All good now after previous serious issues so all systems go for an early April arrival.

elliehen, Jan 19, 9:14am
Should have thought of that!

elliehen, Jan 19, 9:17am
Must've been those wicked ones that tell Food Lies, pickles ;)

buzzy110, Feb 12, 5:44am
That is wonderful. After looking at my grandson on his first scan I quickly observed that he looked exactly like his father. Everyone laughed at me but now that he is 5 months old, they all have to agree that I was right. Pity really. His father is nice looking but my daughter is beautiful and I would have liked him to look like her.

He is as cute as a button though and soo very happy. His mother is low carb as well and my grandson is such happy, healthy baby and tall for his age.