New preserving pan

skinfood2, Sep 20, 3:15am
i'm looking at buying a new preserving pan, I hope to use it to make jam and dble batches of the 5kg tom sce recipe.

I have seen a 9L pan which has sloped sides and measurements on the inside

and a 12L pan that has straight sides & no measurements on the inside.

Any ideas on which would be the best one to get!

skinfood2, Sep 20, 3:18am
these are what ive found!idproduct=2187

they are quite costly, and don't want to just buy the cheapest and then decide next year, that i need the bigger one, TIA

indy95, Sep 20, 4:14am
Skinfood2,I suggest that you aim for the best quality that you can afford rather than thinking about the size. The cost may seem rather daunting initially but if you are intending to use it regularly it will be well worth it.

cookessentials, Sep 20, 4:20am
I can attest to the EW Sinton ones. They have an encapsulated base and the sloping sides prevent your jam boiling over.

skinfood2, Sep 20, 6:56am
sorry to mislead you, i'm really not concerned about price, the ones above that i'm looking at, are i think all over $200.

skinfood2, Sep 20, 6:56am
thx didn't know that

skinfood2, Sep 20, 6:57am
does anyone know if 10kg of tomatoes fits into a 9L pan/pot!

cookessentials, Sep 20, 10:08pm
I guess it will depend on the size of the tomatoes. bear in mind that they will cook down.

indy95, Sep 21, 1:54am
Could be a rather tight squeeze I think. This brings back memories of the day my mother ( a very good cook and expert at preserving ) decided to make a double batch of tomato chutney in her biggest preserving pan. Something happened which took her mind off the chutney and you can guess what happened next.Oh the mess !

elliehen, Sep 21, 2:39am
That's interesting.all the very old aluminium preserving pans with brass handles have sloping sides.

calista, Sep 21, 2:42am
I've read that the sloping sides also encourage evaporation, which means the water in the jam reduces more quickly.

skinfood2, Sep 22, 8:52pm
so did anyone have any recommendations on the 3 preserving pans in the links above! TIA

cookessentials, Sep 22, 9:17pm
yes, at post #4

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