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wayneandjudith, Sep 8, 5:36am
processor! If so I would love some tips. Shop bought brands are all made with vegetable oils and want something healthier. Would like to be able to add natural sea salt. Thanks in advance.

bedazzledjewels, Sep 8, 6:03am
You could have a look for Pics brand - often stocked in some vegie shops as well as New World.

wayneandjudith, Sep 8, 6:07am
Thanks - how is it different from the others!

fauna1, Sep 8, 6:08am
I would also like tips. I want to make almond butter, or cashew butter as my grandson is allergic to peanuts TIA

bedazzledjewels, Sep 8, 6:09am
It's very nice!
Have a look here -

buzzy110, Sep 8, 6:19am
Ceres makes a range of natural, additive free nut butters. Some supermarkets stock them. Health food shops (grocery shops not the pill and potion shops) stock them. Failing that go to their web site.

frances1266, Sep 8, 7:20am
Think there is a recipe for making your own peanut butter in the Vegetarian Adventure cookbook.It is by Sue Carruthers and Rowan ! (cant remember her surname but someone else most likely well.Is a New Zealand book so your library should have it.

uli, Sep 8, 8:11am
All you need for any nut butters is the nuts and a food processor.

pickles7, Sep 8, 8:12am
peanut butter
My recipe for home made peanut butter.no sugar in this lot.
Spray 500 grams of skinless peanuts with vege oil, mix about to coat.
microwave 3 minutes on high , take out and mix about.
microwave 2 minutes on high , take out and spread out to cool , should stop the cooking process.
Put the nuts into a blender, mix to grind all the nuts , may have to stop the blender to push some of the nuts down to the blades , continue blending untill they are all of the same consistency.
Add 1 tsp of salt , drizzle in 1/4 cup of vege oil.
stop the blender to push the dry peanuts down untill it is all nice and moist.
This recipe makes a full 500 gram jar , and about 1/4 cup in another, of delicious , home made peanut butter.

lisanorthshore, Sep 8, 8:48am
that sounds yum pickles, thx for sharing that

elliehen, Sep 8, 8:51am
And it comes from sunny Nelson :)

jennyfenny1, Sep 8, 11:03am
Really, really good. My soon to be brother-in-law takes 2kg tubs home to Australia when he and my sister come over to NZ a few times a year!

nik12, Sep 8, 11:27am
Grandad used to make his own, very similar to above, but with a knob of butter in the microwave instead of oil. which by the way, with salt on makes lovely roast peanuts to eat so he had to be quick with the smushing!

cloudberry, Sep 8, 8:52pm
Pic's peanut butter is divine. I've had to stop buying it because I eat too much at a time. You can get it online if you can't find a local stockist. O'Reilly's is pretty good too. I have experimented with making my own, with variable results. You need to dry roast the peanuts first, then pulse in a blender with a little sea salt.That's all you need to do but timing is crucial. One pulse too many and it's sludge.

pickles7, Sep 8, 9:00pm
The dry nuts need the oil to keep the nuts on the blades. I tip off the oil once it has settled, it rises to the top. The oil can be used, just remember it has traces of peanuts.

theanimal1, Sep 9, 3:23am
Place 3 cups of peanuts (with or without skins) into an oven dish or microwave dish. Toast at 150°C/Medium microwave temp, stirring often, until the peanuts are only just beginning to change colour. Leave till completely cold. Place 2 cups of the peanuts in a food processor bowl and whizz until a smooth paste has formed. Add the remaining 1 cup of peanuts, and pulse to chop the nuts just a little for super-crunchy peanut butter, a little more for crunchy, or till smooth for smooth peanut butter. Add salt to taste if you need to, or enjoy your own peanut butter just as it is. Makes about 1 & 1/2 cups

antoniab, Sep 9, 4:20am
Binn Inn in Hamilton has one of those machines that is just filled with peanuts - you turn it on, put your container under, and there you have peanut butter with nothing but peanuts! :) Foodtown in TGA used to have one too when I was a kid.

lynja, Sep 9, 5:40am
my vote is for Pics Really Good peanut butter too. tried it at the Martinborough Fair and now order it on line. $20 for a 1kg. worth every cent. could not go back to the usual supermarket brands. some shops do sell this in the smaller jars.

kirsten5, Sep 9, 8:58pm
Our Simplifood has one too antoniab. It's great they use lightly roasted peanuts in the machine (no salt, no sugar, no additives) it's yummy and after it sits for a moment the natural oils come out. You take your own container in so you just pay for the peanut butter not the packaging. It's great.

elliehen, Sep 9, 11:50pm
A teaspoonful of Pic's with a square of Dark Ghana chocolate on it.

bedazzledjewels, Sep 10, 12:47am
Good NZ tucker Ellie!

elliehen, Sep 10, 1:15am
In the US there's a brand of peanut butter called Jif.

juliewn, Sep 10, 10:52am
Hi. can you post where the Bin Inn shop is in Hamilton please. thanks for your help.

juliewn, Sep 10, 11:00am
ps. just looked at their website and found there's one at St Andrews and one in the Clyde Street shopping centre. will check them both out.

cappuccina, Sep 10, 11:07am
I take the 3kg tubs over to my friends in Australia too.They say it's the only thing they miss from NZ :-)I buy it from the Farmers Market at Riverbank, Lower Hutt in the huge tubs, but the smaller jars are available from some New World stores.

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