How long! sausages in slow cooker

margyr, Aug 15, 7:26pm
Hi, how long does it take to cook them! my slow cooker has high, low and auto, each time I have done the sausages they have been way over cooked.

cautis, Aug 15, 7:51pm
If they are pre-cooked, don't even bother, just make up the sauce or whatever they are going to be cooked in, in an electric frying pan, chuck in the sausages about 15 minutes before you want to eat and heat through.

margyr, Aug 15, 7:56pm
no not pre cooked. I know they are quick to make even from fresh, but I am out this afternoon on a course, and then Tues nights dont get home till 7 pm so like to do something in the slow cooker so it is just ready to dish up.

fifie, Aug 15, 11:04pm
I use large beef sausages when doing slow cooker meals, browned with sliced onions in a hot pan, then sauseither used whole or cut into big chunks make up your sauceall in cooker cook around 6-8 hours on low in S/cooker. If i make it in my old C/pot i throw them on at lunch time on high as it cooks slower and not as hot than the new S/cooker,They don't take as long to cook as some other pieces of meats.

margyr, Aug 15, 11:10pm
thanks fifie, I think i will put everything in slow cooker around 12 and put it on auto, am back home at 4.30 for a few mins so will check progress then, if it does not look right I will transfer all to oven and set it on automatic. when I have done them before I did them for the 6-8 hours and the sausages were hard and dry like sawdust, the gravy and vege were fine just the texture of the sausages was blerk.

fifie, Aug 15, 11:52pm
Margyrit might be some of the saus we buy u get a few these days filled up with more bread than meat, maybe thats why the texture is yuk and over cooked. Buy your saus from butchers maybe i very seldom buy supermarket meats. Other probs might be your cooker thermostat, i have a R/hobbs S/cooker and am on my third replacement hate it use it mainly for soups, silverside, etc as it cooks so hot, love my 30yr old C/pot lol. Good luck with your meal.

margyr, Aug 16, 5:12am
ah well, did not get time to do them in slow cooker, so have just chucked them in a pot with some onion, pumpkin, apple, apricot chutney, picalili, tomato sauce, curry powder and some water, will boil that till pumpkin cooked and then thicken and put in the oven with some hash browns on the top and set it to come on at 6.30pm, should be tasty and ready at 7 when we get home. I have gone to buying sausage meat and making my own crumbed sausages as it is hard to buy a nice one here, even from the butcher. But the husband did the shopping and got these beef ones.