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biddy6, Aug 10, 7:21am
Hubby, (export from Oldham,Lancashire)is hanging out for some Oven Bottom Muffins.Does anyone have a recipe, please!
Naturally I've googled and recipes for them are like hens teeth!

I did find one that I'll try at a UK website of the said muffins name,
but still very interested in learning of others.
This recipe states 1 sachet of dried yeast - how many grams or teaspoons would that be!

lilyfield, Aug 10, 4:32pm
thumb rule for yeast---- 3 teesp. for 500g.of flour.

biddy6, Aug 11, 7:06am
Thanks very muchly lilyfield.

esther-anne, Aug 11, 8:22am
Huge hug to your hubby biddy if I'm allowed-I'm also from Oldham - and I have never found a good oven bottom muffin recipe - they are soooo lovely, I'm drooling!

Will follow closely to see if we can get an authentic Lancashire one!

davidt4, Aug 11, 8:28am
I hadn't heard of these so did a Google search.There is a Facebook page devoted to them which has this recipe:


esther-anne, Aug 11, 9:31am
Thanks so much for that link davidt4.Looks like a work of art to produce those if, like me, one no longer has a powerful mixer!

Still and all I think I'll give them a go with manual power!Rather old manual power - could take a while - or, with your broad knowledge would you recommend not trying them without a mixer. dough hook etc!

davidt4, Aug 11, 9:01pm
I don't think you will need a mixer as long as you're prepared to do a bit of kneading.It looks like a plain bread dough with the addition of a little fat, so nothing to worry about.Bread doughs are very good tempered as long as you develop the gluten by kneading for at least 10 minutes.

biddy6, Aug 12, 3:55am
LOL esther-anne.Hugs back from Hubby, and he wants to know if you're the girl he used to walk home from the baths with, chewing oven bottom muffins bought for a ha'penny, from the bakery on Heron St!LOL

He got a bit nostaligic ( not that he'd ever move back to England) seeing the riots on tele and looked for his old haunts on google earth.His old school that was near Heron St is no longer there (think he said that was demolished about the time he started college) neither are the 'baths'.

He still likes some of the old tucker every now'n again and I enjoy making it for him.I had to stop making eccles cakes though as once started on them he couldn't ration the buggers out and the lb's started going on!We love a traditonal Meat & Potato Pie in winter.

I also don't own a machine that kneads, but hubby's offered to help with that part of making some OBM's, once I get some lard. We live rural but don't keep pigs anymore (such a shame) and shop once every few weeks in the city, so they'll have to wait.We want to try our hand at OBM's asap!Funny how there's really only the one recipe on the net, aye!

Thanks davidt, we had a giggle when we found theLancashire Oven Bottom Muffins Appreciation Society, especially when one blokes story of where he bought his, was near identical to my man's!

Be sure to let's know how yours turn out, esther-anne and I'll do the same


biddy6, Aug 15, 5:16am
bump for esther-anne

esther-anne, Aug 15, 8:26am
Oopsie biddy-sorry I'm late getting back - had a lousy cold for a few days and not doing much thinking about food at all.

Tell hubby that I'm rather long in the tooth - been here 44 years - and much as I might have liked it I am very unlikely to be the girl he walked home from the baths-I did go to the baths but mainly the Royton baths, I was born in Royton but quite near Oldham, near the Latics, I'm sure he'll know where that is.There was a bakery right behind us!
'My' Oldham was in the days of the huge fabulous Saturday open market, Granellis icecream, stalls selling all sorts of crockery amongst other things, and the 'covered' market adjacent where you got hot 'Vimto' or hot Oxo in the winter.Lovely stuff.

Enough nostalgia!Back to topic-I make Potato Pie at least once a month - with HP sauce - and yes, eccles cakes too - though I use bought frozen puff pastry these days - I make fiddly quite small ones and they get demolished almost immediately.

Yep - I'm up for the oven-bottoms- and hell I only have to drive to the supermarket to get the lard, such a townie! Iwill let you know how they go of course.Probably try them this weekend.Will this qualify us all for Master Chef I ask myself!Lol!

Many thanks to you david from me too and for going to trouble to find that delightful Appreciation Society piece - I have noticed too that your opinion/advice on just about anything is very respected on this forum so I appreciate your comments.

nfh1, Aug 15, 8:35am
Potato Pie with suet crust esther-anne!

Another Lancastrian here from a tiny village near Clitheroe!

esther-anne, Aug 15, 9:36am
Hi nfh1-Clitheroe is a pleasant little place isn't it!I just remember vaguely from a school day trip to Clitheroe Castle in a charabanc!

I make my potato pie mainly with suet crust pastry - I usually have a packet of shredded suet in the fridge because we also like stew and dumplings!If I have no suet I just make a short crust pastry - my Mum always made it with a short crust.It's just so simple, so tasty and satisfying, real comfort food!Used to love it with pickled red cabbage but I have never found any in NZ to my liking and my only attempt at making it was a dismal failure.I often make Lancashire Hot Pot too!Old habits die hard lol!

nfh1, Aug 15, 9:34pm
Yes Clitheroe is a lovely little town - I think the castle is from the 12th century!My parents still live in a village about 6 miles from there.I have never made it with short crust pastry - always suet, very unhealthy I suppose but delicious!I also make dumplings with it and throw them in casseroles. Excellent for snowy cold days, not that we get too many in Havelock North!

pommyjohn1, Aug 15, 10:22pm
Another Oldhamer here and a frequenter of the baths in Heron St ,good luck with your search,you might try for a Hollands Pudding recipe next lol

biddy6, Aug 15, 11:51pm
Hi there esther-anne, nfh1 and pommyjohn
My old boy is long in the tooth too esther-anne - he came out as a 17 year old in '66!He chuckled when reading your post as he remembers well all the places and names you mention.

I too used the bought pastry for my eccles but after creating wee ones the first few times I made them, I took to making it as one large one slice and dividing it up when/if it wasn't eaten before it cooled!Less pastry to be consumed by hubby ;-)

nfh1 dumplings - yumm!Good on you using suet :-)Personally I think natural fats like suet, lard and butter are much better for your health than oils that have been processed to death.I used to keep Jersey cows and raise a few beefies so we ate our own meat, drank raw milk/cream and made our own butter and some cheeses, for many years.We just run a few sheep on our new property.

Have googled Hollands Pudding pommyjohn and once again can't find a recipe - is it a steak and kidney pie that is steamed!The images for it look very tasty!

nfh1, Aug 16, 1:59am
Hi biddy6 - I am weird with fat and never use it except when we have suet crust or dumplings.My husband loves his butter, cream and cheese - hates margarine.

Is a Hollands Pudding one of those which you used to get in Fish and Chip Shops - Steak and Kidney I think they were!

biddy6, Aug 16, 6:56am
How uncanny is that pommyjohn!Gerry had his first year of secondary school at Robin Hill then went onto Breeze Hill.Did you attend either of these schools!

nfh1, Aug 16, 8:01am
Too cute - just lovely.What a good home they have.

esther-anne, Aug 16, 10:02am
Couldn't agree more - you must be wonderful farmers biddy caring for the animals like that.Gives me a warm glow and such respect for you!

Hollands Puddings-I'm drooling again!Your man is right - tipped out of individual little pots from the steamer onto your chippies - suet crust pastry, just the right thickness, and bursting with steak and kidney and luscious gravy!

I think your hubby and John might be related by the time this thread ends lol!I was just a bit away from being pure Oldham though I spent most of my teenage life there - ask your husband will you if the Hill Stores still held dances on Saturday nights when he last lived there!(Ive got to say my teeth are still a lot longer than his - and I still own them all!)

I went to Milton Street School in Royton and being such a smartarse I then went to Chadderton Grammar School!

Must say this is a great thread-sorry to anyone that it is boring to little apples!

pommyjohn1, Aug 17, 12:38am
Hi Guys,
biddy I went to Counthill ,not far from BreezeHill
Primary School was Werneth hence the Heron Street Baths where we got our weekly wash ,dirty or notlol

esther-anne, Aug 17, 12:44am
Holy Moly pommyjohn-my late brother-in-law taught at Counthill- Fred Llewellyn!

elliehen, Aug 17, 2:47am
Not at all, esther-anne.it's riveting, every bit as exciting as the headstonesin Genealogy ;)

biddy6 has unleashed a very benign monster here.

pommyjohn1, Aug 17, 2:58am
Esther his son David was in my class a good mate ,Taffy as he was known was a great teacher ,used to take me and his son to the Lattic away games

esther-anne, Aug 17, 7:19am
Thanks elliehen-I have been waiting for some mutters of disapproval from some, but so far so good.It is a benign and pleasant thread - thanks biddy you unwittingly started something! xx

esther-anne, Aug 17, 7:31am
Oh my goodness this is all really quite overwhelming pommyjohn.David and his sister Christine are, of course, our nephew and niece (on my husband's side) and we are in constant touch with them - especially David and wife Barbara.We speak on the 'phone about every four weeks
Last year we had a very painful bereavement in our own family and David came over from the UK to help us through in various ways.He was here for over 6 weeks - he is one hell of a nice person. He also loves New Zealand, has been here about 3 times.I absolutely have to tell him about this - and his old Lattics mate John from Counthill - when we next ring him.Hopefully next time on Skype if it's fixed up in time.He won't believe oven bottom muffins set a whole other process going!

I have been to Counthill on about 3 occasions - the students used to put on lots of shows and I think Fred had a hand in the production or something.

The world just shrank again!

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