How do I make fresh breadcrumbs

janienz1, Jul 21, 9:59pm
without a blender or food processor please ? I'm so lost without the mod cons !

rainrain1, Jul 21, 10:05pm
use your grater

mackenzie2, Jul 21, 10:15pm
Find it easier with frozen bread

janienz1, Jul 21, 10:20pm
Magic. Thanks heaps, will refreeze now :)

firemansgirl, Jul 21, 11:45pm
Can't you just rub the bread between your (clean) hands?

onlyondacoast, Jul 23, 8:03am
ahaha trick question right............. i'd have to say with fresh bread!

janienz1, Jul 23, 8:10am
Dunno - never tried it - the grater worked just fine :)

schnauzer11, Jul 23, 1:13pm
Once you discover panko,Japanese bread-crumbs,you'll never use the ususal kind again!Available in most s'markets,and fish-shops.So crispy,and don't soak up the oil.Loooorve them!!!

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