Unsalted butter, v butter

korbo, Jul 14, 4:57am
hubby got a block of butter the other day, and upon getting home, realised it is unsalted. we have been using it on toast etc, and i cant seem to taste any different.

What is the difference, and if you use it for baking, is there any difference to a cake etc..???

margyr, Jul 14, 5:21am
alot of baking says unsalted.

deus701, Jul 14, 5:32am
yes, for example when making a butter enriched bread, the salt will inhibit enzyme activity and steal water from the enzymes.

pam.delilah, Jul 14, 5:41am
also the salt in butter is an unknown amount.that is why in baking the call is to use unsalted butter and put a measured amount of salt. A sort of control measure for baking

holdenss, Jul 14, 5:48am
Typical Composition is 1.5% Salt, Unless your using a very precise delicate Recipe, the salt level is rather irrelevant to most home cooking/baking.

davidt4, Jul 14, 7:12am
If you can't taste the difference on toast then I don't think you need to worry about noticing any difference in baking.

harrislucinda, Jul 15, 1:58am
ineveradd extrasaltinbakingwegettoomuchsaltnowButdoinbreads

obviousas, Jul 15, 2:17am
I think salt is added to give more flavour. If I had the choice between the two, I would prefer unsalted if both cost the same. It's the economics. you get more butter if unsalted.

suie1, Jul 15, 4:16am
Salt adds flavour and improves the shelf life of the butteras well, unsalted butter is quite a bit more expensive.

holdenss, Jul 15, 4:17am
Your a luck the wrapper kind of guy arent ya obviousas?

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