Tomatoes..can you put them fresh, in a bag and

hamley, Mar 18, 2:40am
straight in the freezer for use another time? ? ?

lythande1, Mar 18, 2:41am
For use in cooking yes. For salad, no.

hamley, Mar 18, 2:45am
Excellent... thank you for your help.

raewyn64, Mar 18, 8:26am
that is exactly what I have been doing and just grab a couple of handfulls of frozen toms when I want them in my cooking and throw them in frozen and let them cook in the dish - the little toms just burst with flavour when you bite into them - just perfect!

korbo, Mar 18, 8:44am
yes i just today did that. had a huge bag of roma ones given, and have done enought relish to last 5 years, so thought, mmm, juck them in the freezer. I have done them loose on top of other things, and tomorrow will out them in a bag to use for soup, casseroles etc.

vintagekitty, Mar 18, 9:19am
yes, or what I find really easy is making them into a basic sauce which I freeze into containers to use later.

Basic sauce

sliced onion
salt n pepper
pinch suger

boil up to taste

jag5, Nov 12, 7:51am
I chop mine up, (takes up less room) and put into ice cream containers. Each one is approx 1. 5kgs. Makes it easy for measuring for making sauces etc later on.

Darn... I think it is 1. 5kgs, will check when I get home...could be 3kgs ... memory not the best today LOL

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