failed jam sponge roll, where did I go wrong?

sazrim, Jan 31, 6:21am
First time making a jammy sponge roll, recipe was 3 eggs, 125g each of caster sugar and flour, beat whole eggs and sugar for 10 mins then sift in flour and fold in with metal spoon, bake in tin for 10 mins until golden. Did all that flopped it out on the baking paper sprinkled with castor sugar on top of damp teatowel. Jammied it, rolled it up and it cracked really badly and its got a nice flavour but its dry dry dry! ! Have I overcooked it? Used a crud recipe? Its not soft and spongey at all. :(

margyr, Jan 31, 6:30am
not sure what went wrong with your one, but if you google sponge roll there are some yummy looking ones there. good luck with your next one, remember practise makes perfect.

sazrim, Jan 31, 6:42am
Yeh it was from a kids cook book my boy got from the library lol, only thing I don't like about googling recipes is theres so much variety can't decide which one to make :) any ideas on what I can use to make this roll edible, some type of sauce? ?

bucjo, Jan 31, 9:22am
make it into a trifle!

sazrim, Jul 22, 6:09pm
I had a bottle of cream so poured it over a slice and it was yum, actually when I went to cut some up for kids at supper it was a lot softer, so I think I didn't let it cool down enough before rolling(it said let it cool before putting on jam and rolling but lol I thought it would be easier when it was warm)so will have to rem that for next time, at least there was nothing wrong with the taste its all gone, kids and hubby polished off the rest without any added cream either lol