Healthy Food Mag.... disgusting!!!

babytears, Jan 29, 10:34am
I'm absolutely disgusted that with this months edition they're giving away a 'Roll-Up' sample with each copy! Roll ups are so so so bad and I really can't understand why they're doing this...

Less than a third of a roll-up consists of actual fruit product and, according to the Obesity Prevention Policy Coalition, a single serve contains "a measly 0. 2 grams of dietary fibre", whereas a real small apple contains 2 grams of dietary fibre. With minimal processing, real fruit is converted into the sweet, sticky, highly-coloured straps many children adore.

Furthermore, they act just like lollies, they're sweet and sticky, loaded with sugar that stick to teeth...

bedazzledjewels, Jan 29, 6:17pm
With you there Babytears. I gave up on HFG some time ago when I found out that they only pushed 'their' idea of a healthy diet and weren't at all interested in any other. Just more of the 'same old' highly processed food.

neil_di, Jan 29, 6:36pm
ditto. . worked in dentistry and we battled to get roll ups off the shelves years ago. Sadly all dried fruit is just concentrated sugar and while they are a handy and supposedly healthy treat dentally they are a disaster! !

babytears, Jan 29, 7:15pm
It seems revenue from advertising has won them over - I just don't understand how this magazine (Healthy Food) actually feels it's okay to push that product - it's beyond me - In my opinion they're going against their own values and philosophy ! ! !

indigojo, Jan 29, 7:43pm
those things are awful... some of the so-called 'muesli' bars in the supermarket have worse nutritional panels than the confectionery... and in my local supermarket they are in the same aisle - wonder if they are trying to tell us something there!
Yet so many parents, see them as an healthy option for their kids.
I know one mother that likes the fruit squeeze pouches as 'its quicker for the kids to eat'! ! !
And its probably just made up of the fruit scraps from other processes that would other wise end up in the tip! ... brilliant marketing on behalf of the manufacturers...

babytears, Jan 29, 8:13pm
Yeah, those roll-up are in the muesli bar aisle - andmany so-called museli bars aren't what they're cracked up to be (there are only a few that are nutritionally okay)- any parent giving kids roll-ups for their lunch might as well just give them lollies!

frances1266, Jan 29, 8:28pm
That was the magazine that said a few issues ago that couscous is gluten free. It is not. I would have thought something like that would be basic knowledge for nutritionists who would be involved in putting the magazine together. This mistake could have caused pain and distress for children and adults who are gluten free. Not good enough.

ange164, Jan 30, 12:37am
perhaps they did noticably miss the mark. However in their defence - I find their online recipes and the search functions you can use fantastic.

uli, Jan 30, 1:49am
"Obesity Prevention Policy Coalition"
Now I have heard it all ...
All they need to do is read the Drs. Eades book Protein Power and they have their policy - what's difficult with that?
And what has "fibre" to do with obesity prevention - nothing at all really!

bedazzledjewels, Jan 30, 1:59am
Here's an interesting post about Uncle Toby's Fruit Fix - not the same product but similar.

indigojo, Jan 30, 2:56am
the Obesity Prevention Policy Coalition, along with Browyn King are just another group trying to get a slice of govt. funding...
do we really need all these groups to 'educate' about obesity? ...

kirinesha, Jan 30, 3:12am
You can email the editor to voice your feelings on this website:

letitia, Jul 17, 8:11am
Is that the January edition giving the free roll-up? If so, I didn't get one with my copy. Horrible sugary things though, I agree.