Bacon and Egg Pie

kjmb, Oct 22, 9:47pm
Cream or no cream? Cheese or no cheese? Eggs broken and whisked or put in whole? These are the questions for a saturday morning first attempt at a pie.

spudster, Oct 22, 9:57pm
Hi, We use no cream. We put in cheese but no to much. Put the eggs in whole but prick a hole in them.Some people say to put chutney on the base, I have never tried it. Hope this helps.

buckyboy, Oct 22, 10:04pm
no cream, no cheese,dash pepper,tomato 1 or 2, eggs whole

kjmb, Oct 22, 10:06pm
Thanks for that, I'm off to create!

noonesgirl, Oct 22, 10:08pm
Whisked eggs, milk or cream, cheese, onion & seasoning. Definitely no peas or corn!

miss-skyline, Oct 22, 10:16pm
1 onion chopped
rashers of bacon-cooked
6 eggs whole
3 eggs whisked
1/2 c of mixed veges
line a glass pyrex dish with pastry,add chopped onion,bacon and and the 6 eggs,sprinkle the mixed vege in the gaps and then add the beaten egg sprinkle with a bit of cheese and cover top with pastry.cover with tin foil and take off in the last 15 mins of cooking so pastry on top doesnt burn on the top.

bake @190 for arox 40-50 mins
serves 4-6

rai5, Oct 23, 1:31am
My mate is a bacon & egg connoisseur but doesn't like cheese or onions, so definitely leave them out. He thinks its cheating if the eggs are whisked, yokes must be whole. Leave out the peas that my mum used to add to hers and I hated (even though I like them in other things). So really in the end it's really what works for you. But a great standby to be able to whip one up quickly.

nik12, Oct 23, 11:45am
Lol.. bacon and eggs (not whisked or pricked) and a bit of pepper!Add anything else and it's a quiche with a lid on ;-)

kiwibubbles, Oct 24, 8:00pm
tomato and onion? thats NOT a bacon and egg pie but more of a quiche. Really really bugs me when cafes or shops advertise a bacon and egg pie but have added other things in it - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

kulkkulbelle, Oct 24, 8:09pm
I do add cream to eggs which are lightly stirred, but left largely intact.

Lately I have been adding the finely shaved ham instead of bacon which gets rated around here.

Never add cheese, but sometimes add tomato

maynard9, Oct 25, 12:09am
Love this answer - quiche with a lid on.

If I put anything other than Bacon and Eggs I would end up eating all myself as family wouldn't touch it- altho they are happy to eat quiche type dishes, but B & E pie is just that to them - nothing else.

From the variety of answers you can see it is a choice thing.

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