HFG Creamy Fish Mornay

carlos57, Jul 22, 2:00am
Hi. I received this recipe via email yesterday, and thought I'd make it for tonight. The ingredients list includes '2 lemons, juice and rind', but the instructions only mention the rind. Has anyone made this? I'm wondering if the mistake is in the ingredients or instructions. I don't want to ruin it by making it too lemony if it's not meant to include the juice. TIA


245sam, Jul 22, 2:44am
carlos57, sorry I can't help you from having made that dish however I would be inclined to add the lemon juice to taste - IMO lemon juice often adds that something extra that dishes need. :-))

carlos57, Jul 22, 2:59am
Thanks for the advice, 245sam :) Mr nearly-16 taste tested for me and declared it lemony enough without the juice.

motorbo, Jul 22, 10:09pm
i went to look but they wont allow me to unless i sign up, so wont go to that site again

245sam, Jul 23, 12:06am
motorbo, obviously I "went to look" and I was able to do so without signing up or logging in so do try again.

carlos57, you're welcome for the few words I offered. I hope you and yours enjoyed the dish and good on you for seeking the opinion of your "Mr nearly-16" - at least you would then have known that he would/should enjoy it after giving it the taste-test ok :-))

carlos57, Jul 24, 10:42am
245sam, it was very nice with just the rind :)

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