kebans, Jul 27, 11:46pm
I am wanting to get a mixer to help with making cookies and cakes and maybe bread but don't want to spend a fortune on one. A couple I was looking at is the Sunbeam MixMaster Compact Pro
MX5950 and the Sheffield Bench Top Mixer Red. Anyone able to recommend a good not expensive mixer.

cgvl, Jul 27, 11:56pm
If you are wanting to mix bread in one then look for one with a single whisk, dough hook etc. The Sunbeam one I have uses two beaters/whisks and needs two dough hooks and is a pain in that it doesn't mix easily.
The Sheffield one looks good. Think Breville do one that's a scraper one and also Kenwood but unsure of prices.

lilyfield, Jul 27, 11:57pm
A 400 watt motor is not strong enough if you want to mix bread doug
But all right for whipping cream, sponges, soft butter for cookies etc.
I would not buy anything under 800 watt if you want the machine to last.Better off with a decent second hand Kenwood

lythande1, Jul 28, 6:41am
Cost me $80 new for my breadmaker. I use it to knead only, not to cook the loaf.
They also mix cake batter etc.

sarahb5, Jan 12, 5:10pm
I love my Sunbeam and the fact that it can be a hand mixer or a bench mixer - I have had other Sheffield products but they don't seem to have the longevity of other brands like Sunbeam or Breville. I've had my Sunbeam for nearly 10 years and it's great.

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