Pulled Pork Marinade

firob, Dec 20, 11:42am
Any referrals for a marinade ( over night ok) for pulled pork please. Have used Anna L morrocin. Thank you.

fifie, Dec 20, 7:57pm
Not a marinade sorry.
Pulled pork. I use a smaller roast cut the skin and fat off, you can crackle that later in the oven if you want to. Mix up some brown sugar, s/p, paprika, garlic powder, rub it all over the piece of meat, throw it In s/ cooker on some thin sliced onions. Tip a bottle of your fav bbq sauce over it and cook on low till well done. Remove from s/c pull off meat with forks and put back in cooker with juices and onions heat through serve.

dibble35, Nov 16, 8:48pm
I've used the Simon Holst marinade/sauce recipe quite a few times and find it easy and yummy.

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