Map or nespresso ?

I am tossing up between Map or Nespresso coffee maker , any advice please ?

Chef_kscott3, Mar 18, 5:19 pm

I don't know about the Map, but I can tell you that I have two Nespresso machines, one at work & one at home & they are great.

Chef_samanya, Mar 18, 6:17 pm

Thanks , I was told by salesperson that Map capsules were stronger , whereas you may have to use 2 nespresso capsules compared to one Map for a mug of coffee . Hard to judge unless you can taste it !

Chef_kscott3, Mar 18, 6:43 pm

I love my nespresso but Map is supposed to be very good too. Bigger capsules so you can make a bigger coffee.

Chef_dons14, Mar 18, 8:33 pm


Chef_kscott3, Mar 19, 2:33 pm

LOVE my Nespresso, best purchase ever. Can't compare though as never heard of Map. If it's supposed to be similar then maybe go on price/style?

Chef_natalie9, Mar 20, 12:21 pm

Where do you buy the capsules for the map machines?
Can you buy them online?

Chef_griffo4, Mar 20, 6:42 pm

Do you have a map machine ? i think you can buy them at Harvey Norman ? I know nespresso is very good , but we are used to a small mug of coffee rather than a cup , the only reason I was considering a map ?

Chef_kscott3, Mar 21, 10:06 am

The Nespresso shops are in Wellington and Auckland. Maybe go there to try all their flavours.

Chef_gilligee, Mar 21, 10:22 am

I sometime use Robert Harris capsules in my home Nespresso machine . they work OK.

Chef_samanya, Mar 21, 1:04 pm

Why don't they do machines that can cope with a really large mug or bowl?

A triple shot in a large bowl at the local garden centre is a daily must. Not sure on the cost per shot on a Nespresso or MAP though. Unless the cups/mugs are scalded first, what I have had from friends means at best, a small, warm coffee, not a satisfyingly large hot one.

Chef_socram, Mar 21, 7:42 pm

Love love love our Nespresso - just absolutely fantastic. The range of coffees available is amazing and I just love going into the Nespresso Shop to buy the capsules - it's like walking into a candy shop! Nespresso has been one of our best kitchen buys ever!

Chef_ellie04, Jun 20, 12:31 pm

Nespresso far better than Map

Chef_julie28, Jun 20, 6:38 pm

we have a map but the pods are so expensive compared to nespresso and only available in a few places which is a pain but love the coffee and chai tea

Have not been able to buy them at Countdown or Pak n Save

Chef_griffo4, Jun 20, 8:47 pm

We grind fresh coffee each morning and use a plunger. Have a Nespresso at work, and it's not to my taste, stale and weak.

Chef_schnauzer11, May 15, 3:02 pm

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