Bluff Oysters 2 days after best-by date: Safe?

I forgot that I had four of these little beauties left and they've been in the fridge the whole time so I'm sure I can risk it. They're probably amongst the last of the season - what do you think? I like them raw with Worcestershire sauce.

Chef_wasala, Jul 20, 5:10 pm

I'd risk it . love them to bits.

Chef_samanya, Jul 20, 5:20 pm

They will be fine. Enjoy!

Chef_timturtle, Jul 20, 5:23 pm

I wouldn't eat them, have seen 2 people very ill by leaving them in juice and going back to them later, not nice.

Chef_fifie, Jul 20, 5:25 pm

I've got an exceptionally hardy constitution, so I think I'll take the plunge. Wish me well!

Chef_wasala, Jul 20, 7:57 pm

big difference between "best by" and "USE by"

Chef_illusion_, Jul 20, 8:15 pm

Go for it! Suck down all those juices as well. Waste not, want not.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 20, 8:31 pm

If it was a month then maybe think twice but 2 days meh

Chef_fxx99, Jul 20, 8:36 pm

DONE - and I'm still alive. Yum!

Chef_wasala, Jul 20, 10:37 pm

Best before and Use By are 2 different things.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 21, 7:57 am

I managed to get hold of some a couple of weeks ago and - get this - I had to batter and fry them in order to induce hubby to sample. :(

Guess it's a case of 'baby steps' and we'll get there in the end.

Glad you're still alive and kickin' wasala. Try a dab of wasabi if you get caught out like that again. apparently the reason it came to be associated with raw seafood has more to do with its natural ability to fight off food poisoning than the taste. But, of course that's the real stuff. not sure if the same applies to what we get here which is usually based predominantly on horseradish.

If it's the end of Bluff season I want, nay, demand NZ scallops. !
When does the season start for them? Soon I hope.

Chef_sampa, Jul 21, 9:54 am

One has to wonder why you would bother. Just setting yourself up for a lifetime battle over who gets most of the oysters

Chef_illusion_, Jul 21, 10:11 am

Number 1 had to bother so that number 2 would eat them. ;-)

Chef_sampa, Jul 21, 10:49 am

Still on the oyster subject anyone have any ideas about why my first few puffed up (batter) and looked lovely but the next few . not so much? So - not the batters fault (since fine for the first few) - maybe temp dropped and I didn't wait long enough for it to come back to full heat?

Chef_sampa, Jul 21, 12:35 pm


Chef_buzzy110, Jul 21, 12:37 pm

Now I am curious clementine

Chef_uli, Jul 21, 6:23 pm

So that it's worthwhile purchasing 12 oysters. More than just 1 can eat in one sitting in this household. Wouldn't want to waste them, just have to get number 2 to enjoy them and desire more in the future. Seems to be going well so far. :)

Chef_sampa, Jul 21, 7:13 pm

Welcome to my thread illusion_. Just out of interest, how do oysters rate in the perfect diet?

Chef_wasala, Jul 22, 11:30 am

Just like any other shellfish :)

Chef_uli, Jul 22, 11:36 am

Good or bad?

Chef_wasala, Jul 22, 11:48 am

never asked them . they wouldnt get the time to answer

Chef_illusion_, Jul 22, 1:45 pm

actually fairly good - raw that is

Chef_illusion_, Jul 22, 1:45 pm

LOL voxkoal, I may have forgotten to mention that we also had John Dory to go with the oysters. Very yum and we'll be having a second go round this weekend since I'm pretty sure I have some more Bluff Oysters arriving. :)

Chef_sampa, Feb 23, 2:09 pm

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