Oysters & whipped cream recipe

fastlanenz, Jun 23, 10:10am
Hi there,
have just come across a recipe - a starter - which is basically raw oysters with worcestershire sauce and a few seasonings, topped with whipped cream ... . I don't eat raw oysters myself, but am very curious on the whipped cream topping ... this is not a joke, has anyone heard of a similar recipe and did they think it's a recipe worth trying? Doing research for a school cookbook. Many thanks,

deus701, Jun 23, 10:15am
how about carpetbag steaks?

sirloin steaks stuffed with fresh oysters and then grilled/pan-fried

sultana0, Jun 25, 11:07pm
Add some scallops to the carpet bag, nice mix mmmhhh mmmhhhh

antoniab, Jun 25, 11:08pm
My mum used to have crayfish meat mixed up in whipped cream with a lil tomato suace in it - its very rich!

buzzy110, Jun 25, 11:40pm
LOL fastlane. I have tried to wrap my head around this one and quite frankly (this is my opinion only) it sounds rather disgusting. However, I am an oyster lover and raw, with a squeeze of lemon juice is just right for me. If I was going to add anything it would be a shot of frozen vodka or an ice cold sauvignon blanc. I don't usually like my savs too cold but the colder wine gets the less flavour it has and nothing should compete with the flavour of raw oysters IMO.

horizons_, Jun 25, 11:43pm
Well, whipped cream tastes the same as unwhipped cream so guess there'd be no diffrence to the flavour and cream is used a lot on/in savoury foods. As above, would be a richer flavour. Not sure vream and raw oysters appeals to me though.

pickles7, Jun 26, 12:53am
Mayonnaise, tomato sauce and a few drops of Tabasco sauce, is how a basic seafood dressing, is made.
Whipped cream ? maybe to you it looked like whipped cream, at the time.
We eat oysters raw on ice, in our family, little like whiskey, straight, on the rocks or leave well alone.
I would regurgitate raw oysters and whipped cream for sure.
I would shunt a shot of vodka before the oysters.

charlieb2, Jun 26, 12:15pm
Hmmmm fastey. . I recollect many years ago being given a 'shrimp cocktail sauce' recipe that had whipped cream in it... I will see if I've still got it... xx

charlieb2, Sep 8, 5:57pm
Yes. . I found it... This dates back to me being in High school, around Form three, so you know how old it is! ! ! lol

Mary's Cocktail Sauce.

2T tomato sauce
1Dspoon vinegar
2T lightly whipped cream
1/2t mustard
1Dspoon worcestershire sauce

Combine al ingredients except cream. Mix well. Fold in whipped cream.

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