Pork oysters - cut of meat.

paora-tm, Apr 4, 8:41am
Anyone know what they are - what part of pork? Used in hangis, I've been told.

bcnd, Apr 4, 8:46am
I know what mountain oysters are, lol. not sure about Pork

twindizzy, Apr 4, 8:56am
MMM chicken oysters

rainrain1, Apr 4, 9:23pm
Their balls? They have big ones, small ones, some as big as your head

paora-tm, Apr 4, 10:22pm
No no . these are more like roast sized pieces of meat. I've not seen them but have been told about them . they're a bit straggly and untidy looking.

davidt4, Apr 4, 10:33pm
I haven't run across them, but found this:


They would be tricky to cook I think, with no fat or connective tissue, and would easily turn dry.

rainrain1, Apr 4, 11:50pm
Yes it would be the eye fillet would it?

rainrain1, Apr 5, 1:02am
or the cheeks

paora-tm, Apr 5, 1:13am
Thanks, I did find that. However I've been told that that is not them.

paora-tm, Apr 5, 1:14am
hmmm. I wonder.

paora-tm, Nov 4, 11:45pm
Yep, you're the winner. Thanks for that.

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